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Can't Get Enough Pix of Mischeivous Chihuahuas?

"Thank you Daily Puppy from Phoebe!!"

comment by johna

"Phoebe!! You are so adorable! I love her! "

comment by jasper1

"Pheobe, you are stunning! I love all of your pictures! I would love to hear about you! I bet you are a snuggle bug :) Have a long,safe, happy life :)"

comment by huskygirl24

"i love pheobe sitting in the pumpkins! very small dog, thats why shes a chihuahua. cute!"

comment by auzzieluver

"Phoebe,your a very gorgeous girl!!!Such beautiful eyes and sweet little ears.It looks like you enjoy the outdoor.That so great!Lots of many happy years!!!"

comment by Debbie 57

"I love all of her adorable pics! She is very sweet and SUPER beautiful"

comment by wolfgirl66

"I hope that adorable Chief and ya'll enjoy many happy years together!!!!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"How cute I have a pug/beagle the are adoarble"

comment by puppylover999

"He looks cute & friendly"

comment by kendra blackie 08

"a very cute and sweet dog!"

comment by isbel5926

"so cute"

comment by doggone1973


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