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Aaaaw! Can't. Even. Handle. These. Chihuahuas!


comment by wolfgirl66

"my little chi mix girl lala looks just like alfie!"

comment by taniacourville

"My little Apollo could be his twin :)"

comment by pnkparis

"omgg i have the samee exact puppy:D but she is a girl..i live in lebanon and her name is kito she is now 7 months old and she is thee sameeeee as alfie:D we didnt know her breed and no doctor knew,..so thank youu for helping us know that she is a mic of chihuahua "

comment by maryjane elhachem

"Aw, he looks like my dog, idk what kind mine is mixed with! cute!!!"

comment by katiee

"I Love This Picture!! It's sooo cute. Reminds me of my little Sasha. They look so much alike except Sasha is lighter in color."

comment by alexiboo

"it is amazing how much our dogs look alike, i have always wanted to know what dolly is mixed with..do you have any idea what alfie is mixed with?"

comment by Vickie45

"WOW! for months now I have been looking for a dog that would resemble mine and I just stumbled upon Alfie! He is almost the mirror image of my Simba (whom I thought was a one of a kind haha). I'm really curious if you guys are from LA."

comment by Simba Stepanos

"Still available?"

comment by /GoofyGiggles444

"what a sweetiieeeeee!! so cute. "

comment by jec0508

"Congrats on getting dailypuppy cutie Chloe!!! You have most beautiful markings and first time I've ever seen them on a chihuahua! SO CUTE!"

comment by cutiepants26

"roxy, you are absolutley to adorable! i wanna pamper youall day long!"

comment by auzzieluver

"i said i wanna pamper youall day long! sorry about the mistake."

comment by auzzieluver

"Your sooooooooooooooooooooo cute Chole I hope that you have a great life."

comment by Jose


comment by wolfgirl66

"What a cutie! Guiana is adorable."

comment by kdcrazy

"Adorable. Post more pictures."

comment by elliel

"Hello Guiana, I love your brother Mr Winkles! You are very sweet too! Love Cinnamon x"

comment by cinny007

"Guiana your a cutie."

comment by Jose


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