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Here's Some Perfectly Fluffy Jack Russell Terriers. You're Welcome.

"Can you clone her? JUST KIDDING!!! She is such a cutie pie! We have a Jack Russell. Hope she has some of that spirit :) "

comment by hmarchisello

"Scooby the cutie! His eyes go right through me."

comment by hdog

"Baby Scooby is precious. I love the white tip at the end of her tail. She must fancy herself a sly puppy, hiding under the chair like that. She's darling. Give her lots of hugs and kisses for me."

comment by georgia04

"We love looking at your pics. You are so cute."

comment by browneyes

"that is the cutest dog ever!"

comment by bailee11

"100% CUTE+!!! I hope y'all enjoy many happy years together full of love!"

comment by wolfgirl66

"another strong candidate for "Cutest Pup Ever"!!!"

comment by weaverpup

"You look like a barel of fun and who could resist! I used to have a JRT and he looked a bit like you. Hey, my cat, Misty loves chewing and spitting out peices of his cardboard scratching post! Do you eat the cardboard? lol!"

comment by misterpiko

"Riley is soooo cute! I really hope that you have many years with Riley! Please add more pics!"

comment by madelynk

"I have a dog that is the splitting image of riley. She is a jack russel terrier and australian terrier mix. I never saw it until now. She is the splitting image of riley. I will have to post her picture. "

comment by luna 6

"o and happy late b-day riley!!! ur a good boy:)"

comment by Beccaboo

"Riley is just 2 cute! i love his pattern! so adorable and unique!:)"

comment by Beccaboo


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