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Some Enchanting Jack Russell Terriers to Make You Smile

"a beauty"

comment by sugar tail

"I wish I could add a picture. . Joey looks exactly like my Daisy. They are identical twins and now I'm pretty sure she isn't a chiuahaha at all. My bf thinks I just sent him a pic of her! I bet he is just as lovable and goofy as her."

comment by Jlw

"He has what we've been calling a "half-bark". It's pretty squeaky and he rarely uses it! He does a lot of growling though, especially when he's playing tug-of-war. He loves to tell us that he's going to win."

comment by elizabethmedlin

"What a handsome devil you have! Just wondering.. though he is a basenji, does the Jack Russel in him allow him to bark? c:"

comment by ElectricBasil

"Ohhhhh Otis....you have stolen my heart!!! What a beautiful little boy you are!! Hugs from me & McGee!!! XOXOXO"

comment by yankigal


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