Potty Training Puppy Supplies

All puppies need to be potty trained. Even those who are destined to be outdoor dogs need to know the proper spots where their owners want them to relieve themselves. No one wants their dog to use the rose garden as its bathroom. Having the right supplies at the ready will make potty training your puppy that much easier.

The Facts

A new puppy usually comes with a puppy package that contains everything from a collar and leash to dog dishes and puppy pads. What comes with your puppy will depend on the breeder or shelter where you get the pup. If your puppy arrives all on its lonesome, you will need to pick up a few essential items.

Puppy Pads

Puppy pads are a staple in any new puppy's home. The pads are used to keep your floor clean when the puppy has an accident in the house. They can also be used to transfer the puppy outside by moving the pad out onto the grass once the puppy has gotten used to going on the pad.


A leash will help keep your puppy in its designated area if you don't have a fenced-in place for it to go. Snap on the leash when you take the puppy outside, and lead the pup to where you want it to relive itself. Once you and the puppy get a routine down, you can let it out, and the pup will go right where it's supposed to.

The Crate

Crating your dog at night will help prevent it from having an accident in the house. The crate you choose should be large enough to hold your puppy when it reaches adulthood. At maturity, a miniature dachshund can easily fit into a crate that is 3 feet x 2 feet x 2 feet. This same crate, however, would hold a beagle puppy for only a month or so before the dog would outgrow it.


Treats are great for rewarding good behavior. When your puppy uses the designated "potty" space or stands by the door to go out rather than sneaking somewhere in the house, give it a treat. If you are using a device, such as a bell, to teach the puppy to alert you when it needs to go, give it a treat when it rings the bell.

Where to Find Supplies

There are a number of places that sell pet potty-training supplies. Pet catalogs are full of supplies for your new puppy. A number of Web sites cater to dog owners and have supplies for sale. If you want the supplies right away, head to your local pet store for everything you need.