Puppy Mange Treatments

Mange is a condition that can affect any dog no matter how old they are. However, one type of mange attacks puppies in particular called demodectic mange. This type is caused by mites that burrow into the skin. This can understandably cause irritation like patchy skin, hair loss, sores and even oozing sores. Luckily, there are mange treatments for puppies that help clear up the condition quickly and efficiently.


One potential course of treatment for mange is antibiotics. These are to be applied topically to the affected area. While this won't get rid of the mange, per se, it will help to reduce infection and inflammation caused by the mange. If patches of hairless skin are red or swollen, an antibiotic is a good way to speed healing.


In some causes, a mild insecticide can be used on mange. There are special formulations made specifically for dogs that are safe for your pup and kill the mites. One such example is Rotenone, which is contained in shampoos or creams and often helps to speed up hair growth.


Using a substance called amitraz, or Mitaban, can help significantly to treat mange when it has spread all over your dog's body. Only puppies over four months old can be treated with this monoamine oxidase inhibitor and will likely require the cutting or shaving of fur in the affected areas.


Another treatment option is the use of an anti-parasitic drug like Interceptor. This drug is taken orally and is intended to help reduce the number or mange outbreaks. This is only recommended for mange treatment if your puppy experiences regular mite infestations.

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