Puppy Teeth Facts

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Dogs have two sets of teeth in their lives: puppy teeth and adult teeth. Adult dogs generally have 42 teeth, although some breeds have more and the spaniel breeds have less. Most dogs lose their puppy teeth and possess their full set of adult teeth by the time they are eight months old.


Puppies are typically born without any teeth at all. Baby teeth, called deciduous teeth, appear when puppies are between two and four weeks old.

Puppy Teeth

Most puppies have 28 teeth, with 14 teeth on the top and 14 on the bottom. Puppies typically have all of their baby teeth by the time they are two months old.

Teeth Types

Puppy teeth consist of canines, incisors and pre-molars. Puppies don't have full molars, because they rarely need to grind their food.

Losing Teeth

Puppies generally start shedding their deciduous teeth when they are 12 to 16 weeks old. Adult teeth erupt just a few days later. Owners rarely find baby teeth, because puppies typically swallow them.


Puppies find relief from teething discomfort by chewing on anything within their reach. The teething phase can last up to five months, and is usually accompanied by excessive drooling.



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