About Puppy Training Crates

Puppy training crates are very popular and are used by people the world over to help housebreak puppies. There are different types of crates that can be used effectively. Crate training works because it caters to the way a dog naturally thinks, making this one of the most effective training methods available to pet owners.


A puppy training crate is a special cage that can be used for the safe keeping of a puppy. The crate is generally sold in a pet supply store and is meant for use with puppies or dogs of a specific size and is made out of a durable, non-toxic substance.


There are a few different types of crates to choose from. Some crates are made with a heavy plastic that usually has a top and bottom that snap together, with a metal screen for a gate. The plastic has holes throughout to allow for circulation of air to the puppy when it is in the crate.

Another type of crate is made of metal . This type of crate is made of metal grates that are built to form a rigid box with a gate. Metal crates allow air flow to be unrestricted, and also provides maximum visibility, keeping the puppy comfortable.

Both plastic and metal crates are available in adjustable sizes. The adjustable models are great for puppies that start out very small but will grow to be larger dogs, as these crates can be expanded as the puppy grows, preventing you from buying a new crate to fit the growing dog.


The primary function of the crate is to aid in house training. Dogs naturally have an instinct not to soil where they sleep. If you cannot watch your puppy, it should be placed in its crate so it will not relieve itself indoors. Upon letting the dog out of the crate, take it outside and praise it when it urinates and/or defecates outdoors. That process lets the dog know that the crate is a safe place, but also that it should eliminate outside.


The crate is an excellent "potty training" tool. The puppy is safe and comfortable in the crate and will not soil its bedding. The puppy learns by routine, so if it is always taken directly from the crate outdoors to eliminate, the dog will quickly learn not to relieve itself indoors.

In addition, a crate is a safe way to travel with a pet. Most crates are portable and allows you to safely transport your dog in a car or even on a plane, bus, or train.


The significance of this type of training is that you are working with instinct. Puppies of all ages have an instinct not to eliminate where they sleep. That means that if they are in the crate they will not go, and when you show them where to go each time, you are creating a routine (dogs also are instinctually inclined to adopt routines).