How to Register My Dog with an AVID Microchip

Where ever your lost dog goes, his microchip is with him.
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If your dog is missing, his best chance of a safe return home is to be identified quickly. An identification collar offers the fastest way this can happen, but there's always a chance your pet won't have is collar on when he get lost, and even the best collar and identification tag can come off during a dog's misadventures. Microchips don't get lost. According to VPI Pet Insurance, more than 1,200 calls are placed each day by veterinarians or shelters that have found a microchip on a stray dog. If your dog has an AVID microchip, he will be added to the nationwide PETtrac database. You must register your dog after he is microchipped, and it's important to keep your contact information up to date if you move or your phone number changes. There are two ways to register your dog.

By Telephone

Step 1

Call AVID's PETtrac center at (800) 336-2843. Tell the agent that you want to register your dog's microchip.

Step 2

Supply the chip number, your name, your pet's name, your updated and preferred contact information, and a physical description of your pet. Include your veterinarian's name and phone number as well.

Step 3

Give the agent your credit card or debit card information. Pay the registration fee, $19.95 for one or $50 for up to three dogs, as of March 2012.


Step 1

Visit Click "PETtrac Registration Form" to download a PDF of the registration form.

Step 2

Complete the "PETtrac Registration Form for Individual Pet Owners." Place the bar code label on the form if you got one when your dog's microchip was implanted.

Step 3

Mail or fax your completed registration form to AVID/PETtrac (see Resources) with a check for $19.95, or supply your credit card or debit card information for payment.


  • An microchip is worthless unless you have registered it.


  • Do not send multiple copies of your registration form.

  • Registration takes approximately two business days to be effective.

  • Check your data verification letter for accuracy.

An Item You Will Need

  • Microchip identification number



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