Remedies for Dog Flatulence

Prevention is the best remedy for dog flatulence. All dogs experience gas at some point and it's a fairly normal condition. When your dog is constantly breaking wind (which is annoying as well as embarrassing), take the time to look at the most common underlying causes of dog gas.


Feed only dog foods that are high quality and name brand; consult the veterinarian if you are unsure which food to purchase. Avoid table food and dairy products.


Walk and exercise your dog. Obese and sedentary dogs tend to pass more gas.


Keep the environment calm when your dog eats so she ingests food slowly. Dogs that rush while eating swallow air, causing flatulence.

Diet Changes

Introduce a new food slowly. Abrupt changes in diet can cause gas.


See the vet if your dog has diarrhea, bloody stool, vomiting or abdominal bloating. These symptoms can be signs of serious medical conditions.


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