How to Shave a Dog With Clippers

Sending your dog to the groomer to get his hair cut can turn into a very pricey appointment. Many groomers charge anywhere from $50 to $100 to properly groom a dog, but you can do it yourself at home with a set of quality clippers and some patience.

Step 1

Purchase the right clippers. Many times people think that they can use the same clippers on their dogs as they use on themselves. Dog hair clippers are much more durable and will not pull at the dog's fur when running it through their coat.

Step 2

Secure your dog appropriately by the collar. Professionals put them onto tables and secure them with an overhead strap, but securing them on the ground with very little lead is perfectly acceptable.

Step 3

Begin at your dog's hind quarters with either a #4 or #5 blade. This will ensure that you do not shave to close to the skin or cut the dog. Slowly work your way forward and stop at the dog's face, stopping occasionally to check on the condition of your dog and the clippers.

Step 4

Attach a #10 blade and continue with the face. The buzzing of the clippers could spook your animal and if he begins to move you should to stop. Once he calms down, try again and slowly clip the longer hairs around the eyes and ears, staying at least an inch away from the eyes.

Step 5

Check to make sure you have evenly trimmed your dog's coat. If you notice some longer sections you might have missed, go back and re-clip.


  • Check frequently to make sure your device is not overheating.


  • If your clipper overheats, turn it off for 5--10 minutes and pick up where you left off.

  • Shave away from your hands.

  • Give yourself appropriate distance from the dog's eyes.

Items You Will Need

  • Animal hair clippers with multiple size blades
  • Dog restraints


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