Side Effects of Clavamox in a Puppy

Clavamox is an oral antibiotic that is made up of amoxicillin and Clavulanic acid, and is used to treat infections caused by bacteria. It can be taken in pill or liquid form, but it must be prescribed by a veterinarian. As with most antibiotics, there are some side effects that may occur.

Minor Diarrhea

Because most antibiotics cause some stomach upset, do not be alarmed if your puppy experiences some minor diarrhea. One thing that helps combat this is to put a little spoonful of cottage cheese in with the puppy's food.


Some puppies have weaker stomachs than others, and because of this, may vomit. This isn't really cause for concern unless it continues to happen repeatedly. If it does, contact the veterinarian.


Nausea may be another side effect from the Clavamox. The best way to try to combat this is to be sure to give the medication with food and make sure the puppy has plenty of water. By keeping hydrated and taking the medicine on a full stomach, nausea should be minor, if experienced at all.

Yeast or Fungal Infections

As is the case with many humans, when taking an antibiotic the puppy may develop a yeast or fungal infection. This is generally because the drug has killed all of the good bacteria in the body, leaving room for other infections to grow. The veterinarian will prescribe medication to take care of the infection quickly.

Shortness of Breath

If for any reason the puppy experiences shortness of breath, consult the veterinarian immediately. This could be an allergic reaction to the drug and could only get worse if left untreated.


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