What Are the Treatments for Flea Bites?


Fleas are often brought into your home by your pets when they come in from the outdoors. It is important to give your pets monthly flea treatments to keep from spreading the pests in your home. If you happen to get bitten by fleas, it is important to use proper treatment to care for your bites.

Keep Area Clean

Clean the infected area where the bite is with an antiseptic. Use cold water to help reduce some of the itching. Try some rubbing alcohol, witch hazel or antiseptic lotion.

Reduce Swelling

Use an ice pack or cool wash cloth to reduce the swelling and itching.

Avoid Infection

Try not to scratch the area to avoid a rash or infection. Scratching can also cause your bite to become an open wound.

Treatment for Swollen Bite

If you get bit, and the area starts to become red and swollen, apply a mild steroid cream like hydrocortisone. It can help reduce inflammation quickly. Calamine lotion can also help.

Control Itching

If the bite becomes very itchy, control it with an oral antihistamine such as Dimetapp, Benadryl or Chlor-Trimeton. Do not scratch the area so that the bite will heal faster.


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