How to Whiten a Dog's White Fur

Keeping an outside white dog's fur white can be a challenge.
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A dog's white coat can take on a dingy, yellow appearance from many causes, including an accumulation of dust, dirt and pollen. Daily brushing helps remove some of this debris, and of course, bathing helps as well. Specialty shampoos on the market are formulated to safely whiten a dog's fur, and there's a home remedy that can help as well. A combination of both will leave your dog with soft, manageable fur.

Step 1

Brush or comb your dog to remove any tangles and hairs loosened by shedding.

Step 2

Lay a non-slip bath mat in the bottom of a bathtub. Run water in the tub that is slightly warmer than room temperature.

Step 3

Place your dog in the tub, and thoroughly wet his fur with water. Apply whitening shampoo, and work up a lather.

Step 4

Rinse all of the shampoo out of your dog's coat with ample amounts of clean water. Remove your dog from the tub. Dry him off with towels, and then allow him to completely air dry.

Step 5

Sprinkle cornstarch into your dry hands and rub it in your dog’s fur, taking care to rub it down to the skin level through his fur. Cover all white parts of his fur, from the skin level to the tips of his hairs.

Step 6

Brush your dog to remove excess cornstarch. Brush him in the direction his hair grows with one hand, and stroke the fur down in the same direction with your other hand.

Step 7

Repeat bathing your dog with whitening shampoo and applying cornstarch regularly, according to shampoo directions.


  • Keep shampoo, water and cornstarch out of your pet’s eyes, nose, ears and mouth when you bathe him.

  • Brush your dog daily to stimulate the natural oils in his skin and maintain a natural, shiny coat.

Items You Will Need

  • Brush/comb
  • Bath mat
  • Whitening shampoo
  • Towels
  • Cornstarch



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