Tuesday, July 29, 2014
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Jameson the Golden Retriever Pictures 1021232

Jameson the Golden Retriever

Hi, my name is Jameson. I'm four months old and I get bigger and bigger every day. I'm definitely a momma's boy but don't tell Dad. I'm very smart. I can already sit, lay down, give paw, kisses and high five. I love going on walks and meeting new people because they tell me I'm cute and rub my belly. My favorite things are treats and belly rubs. I have fun swimming and soaking up the sun in my float. I love my family so much!

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Simba the Australian Shepherd Pictures

Simba the Australian Shepherd

Simba loves to play outside, be held, eat carrots, swim, run, cuddle, and lick everything, especially my feet. She's quite the talker, too. She always has something to say when I come home! I'm guessing it's about those treats I hid in her crate. She loves people, but sometimes she thinks she's a huge guard puppy and she barks at people who she thinks are a threat. It's pretty adorable. She is also a Velcro doggy: she follows me everywhere! Even if I go somewhere else in the apartment while she's sleeping or doing something else, she'll always find me and lie down at my feet either for a snooze or some foot licking, which is kind of her MO. I'm pretty sure that she knows how cute she is. She can be a little bit of a diva and while she loves attention, sometimes all of the people fawning over her can get a little overwhelming and she just wants to watch "So You Think You Can Dance" at home with me. She loves listening to me play guitar and her favorite musicians are Tom Petty, De La Soul, The National, Stevie Nicks, and Ella Fitzgerald. At the end of the day, she just wants good food, a game of tug-of-war, belly rubs, and love.

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Riggins the Labrador Mix Pictures

Riggins the Labrador Mix

Hey y'all, I'm Riggins! I was adopted by some humans that love to keep me active which is great since I can be pretty hyper. Some of my favorite activities are speed eating, sitting for treats, chasing birds and balls (I confuse those two sometimes), walking and running with my humans, swimming with my dad, finding sticks, and hanging out with my best dog friends Max and Sadie. I have an awesome life.

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Bios the Australian Shepherd Mix Pictures

Bios the Australian Shepherd Mix

Hi, I'm Bios. My mom was an Aussie and my dad might have been the Great Pyrenees next door. I was adopted on June 26 by my new family. My big sister, Bacall, is 7 years old and I love to jump on her and bite her ears and her tail and her legs. She's very patient with me and is teaching me a lot about how to be a well behaved dog. Sometimes, when my parents aren't looking, she teaches me some super fun, not-so-polite things to do too! I love to go camping and fetch my ball and run around and around and around my yard. Just don't ask me to go swimming.

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Finn the Labrador Retriever Pictures

Finn the Labrador Retriever

Finn is the charmer in the family, which consists of his mommy human and grandpa and grandma humans. Because of his super cuteness he often gets away with being a little ornery and chewing up Mommy's shoes. He loves other dogs, playing fetch and going on long walks. He was one of two boys in his litter along with seven sisters--all yellow Labs. He is a picky eater and often leaves his food bowl full for many hours, but has to eat that piece of food in your hand.

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