About Puppy Seizures

By Glyn Sheridan


A seizure is a neurological episode in a puppy's brain that results in uncontrollable behavior. Because no two seizures are identical, the dog may exhibit different symptoms from one seizure to another. Some seizures are mild, causing only slight activity in one area of the puppy's body while other seizures may be stronger and involve more of his body.


Signs that your puppy may be on the brink of having a seizure may include agitation and nervousness. Constant salivating, whining and trembling may also occur. Known as the pre-ictal period, the puppy may find its owner and attempt to stay very close.


As the seizure takes control of the puppy's body, his eyes may appear glazed and he may not react to his surroundings. His body may tremble and stiffen. Depending upon the severity of the seizure, the dog may clamp his jaws tightly together, drool or fall to her side on the floor.


An average seizure lasts approximately 2 minutes and as the puppy begins to recover, he may experience residual effects, known as the post-ictal period. He may pant and appear to have difficulty focusing on objects. He may seem lethargic for a couple of hours or up to 2 days. Gradually, his vision will return.


Low blood pressure is a common cause of seizures in some puppies, especially if the dog is a toy breed. In diabetic pups, seizures may be the result of an excess insulin dosage. Other metabolic disorders may contribute to seizures, including low calcium levels or high blood ammonia levels. Lead poisoning is a common cause of puppy seizures, since puppies chew on many objects that contain lead, including the woodwork in older homes. Other contributing causes may include encephalitis, heat stroke, a deformity in the central nervous system or a head trauma.


Epilepsy is the first thing many puppy owners think of when their dog suffers a seizure. This condition may be genetic and some breeds are more prone to developing it, including German Shepherds, Dachshunds, Poodles, Saint Bernards, Beagles, Huskies, Spaniels and Retrievers.


Your veterinarian may conduct a physical exam and order blood tests and a urine analysis to check for underlying conditions and metabolic disorders. In some cases, a test of cerebrospinal fluid or an electroencephalogram may assist in making a diagnosis.
Comments (13)
Nov 7, 2010 nikkirisner
my puppy is about 6 weeks old we got her at this age because her previous owner couldn't handle her anymore. She was weened when we got her and for the first night she was fine she woke me and my husband up to whining and i was afraid she was having a seizure and it lasted less than a minute and she seemed fine after ward..... Well since then this is our 4 day of having her and she has periodic seizures (about on average 3-6 per day) but she is fine acting after each one... it doesn't appear to be doing any damage whatsoever... when she goes into her seizure i hold her and rub her and tell her that i'm so grateful and that she's such a wonderful dog and there's nothing in this world that i wouldn't do for her. I don't get paid until next week so.... i hope she actually does better. but like i said the seizures seem to have no effect on her and i'm so grateful for that but i'm really scared I don't know what to do....
Mar 4, 2011 WrinklesFred
I had a dachshund mix who began to suffer seizures at about 1 year old. They kept getting closer together and more violent. The local Veterinarian put him on phenobarbetol and that worked for quite some time but they began to get worse again and they put him on thyroid which had to be adjusted more than once but that really, really helped. Talk to your veterinarian.
Apr 1, 2011 ronanm
Our 3 month old cockapoo (cocker spaniel/poodle) started have tremors today, then had a seizure. Brought him to vet, he was sedated but when he came out of that he was still having tremors/seizures. Anybody got any ideas what could be wrong, vet cannot figure it out??
Jul 31, 2011 nenacastro8713
i have 4 puppys left from my dog. the puppies are pitt bulls mixed with jug pug... at firsttwo of them were havinq sezures and the vet said it was that they were poisend ... then a month later one of them started havinq sesures ... i say its the breeds but it is verry hot in my house so i could be that they are dehidrated ... (QUESTIONS)???
Aug 27, 2011 lifesavers
I have a husky lab collie mix 13 weeks old i was playin in yard with her n my jacrussel for a hour n half we were walkin to front n she collpost to mu feet shakin eyes glazed n started foamin from mouth i was so scared.. my fiance started petting her gently told he its ok two-three mins ater she recovered..wantin to walk again i carried he indoors kept her close got her water she drank n went straight to the food...first time she done this... i dont know what cause was...called vet they said she prob has worms but when she poops there are none... taking her first thing in morning to vet..
Oct 27, 2011 alexxa
Hi, I have a 14 weeks old miniature yorkie. She had 3 seizures in one week when she was 12 weeks. I took her to the vet and they carried out with some blood tests. Anyways, the vet told me if it wasn't anything found in her blood we would have to taker to specialists and also we should be prepered for the worst if sizure were still happening. After few days we got the results and nothing was showing on her blood but the people on the lab mentioned her that was very common in toy breeds before they reach one year of life for their blood sugar to drop dramatically low and therefore this to cause sizures. Since then I've done my research and follow all the things we should do with them in order to avoid low sugar. The vet never told me anything when I first took her for her vaccines and never told me after if that was the case what to do. Since I have started looking after her in the right way (feeding her 5 times a day, one of the meals being only plain roast beef every other day and cottage cheese every other day too (protein) and one pea size of nutri cal for cat and dogs which is a supplement with vitamins and korn syrup twice a day) she's been great and we haven't had any sizure so far. Hopefully this will help some of you as sometimes even the vets don't know what's going on and they leave us with our ill pets helpless. Good luck everyone.
Aug 8, 2012 Lorrio74
We have a very muched love 14 week king Charles , she had 2 seizures last Sunday and after various blood work at the vet nothing can be found . She is growing well , putting on weight and is very excitable and naughty like a puppy should be. We have spent hundreds of pounds on vet fees and now they are recommending a MRI scan which will cost over two thousand pounds , our pet insurance won't cover this so what I'm asking is does anyone know of a surgery with an MRI that does a pet/price plan where you can pay monthly ? Thank you in advance. Xx
Jan 25, 2013 jr.mellow.k
My pit bull had 14puppies.this is her 1st litter some came out big but others came out small it took her 24hrs to have them all and one came out dead and the other she sat on her killing her.but now their all 3days now nd dying one by one by.i gave CPR to 5puppies and saved 3 but one seems to be having seizures.i don't have any money to take her to the vet this week how can i help her!!!!???? Plz help (QUESTION)
Feb 13, 2013 jenzc03
i have a 6 week old husky/lab/pit mix. he was first adopted at 5 weeks and the owner was mean. he went back to the dog breeder and two days later we adpoted him. we have have him for 4 day. he has been having seizures everyday since. he foams at the mouth and they keep getting worse. his entire left side of his body doesnt work and its been getting up to 3 siezures a day. i cant take him to the vet until friday when i get paid. is he going to be okay? or is their something i can do to help him. it breaks my heart to see him suffering :(
Apr 21, 2013 2wrds4u
Our Cavalier King Charles puppy has had several "episodes" in the last few weeks. Her body stiffens, she shakes, and has trouble walking. but she seems very aware and isn't spacey or glazed over. After the episode (and the remainder of the day) she is a normal, happy puppy. We raced her to the vet this week and she had bloodwork and a Lyme test...all negative. Her white blood cell count was high, so the vet put her on Prednisone and an antibiotic. She has been normal for the last 4 days. The vet recommended an MRI and spinal tap, neither of which we are inclined to do (based on cost and uncertainty of conclusiveness.) I've been driving myself crazy looking around online. The issue of blood sugar has come up several times...another person suggested the problem of heavy-dose vaccinations in puppies. I'd appreciate any suggestions or theories...we love her, but don't want to spend money foolishly. Thanks so much.
Jul 5, 2013 jdashford
The cause in my 13 month old whippet was a roundworm. We took her in after two bad seizures in two days. Interestingly the vet said roundworm related seizures are the most common cause in very young dogs. He put her on a broad spectrum de wormer and her blood came back the same day with no problems. Next day we found the work in her poop. I wanted to share this because despite my vet (an extremely good vet) saying it's a common cause there v is not much info about this online. For example roundworm is not mentioned in this article.
Mar 28, 2014 petshack chihuahuas
I have Chihuahua puppies that had what I think are seizures today , 3 recovered no problem back nursing 2 Im still giving IV Sq EVERY 2 HRS , LIVER DETOX { in case shot reaction} detrox every 2hrs 1cc , flagyl 2 xs per day in mouth any ideas what could have caused this shots 10 days ago , mom was given neo par 1 day ago , pups where wormed with Ivermec0.02 1 day before all this started . I leaned towards poisoning but would not have taken 24hrs to be effected by Ivermec I thought . also gave them Vit K { RX} and Charcoal early am just in case on poisoning I use roach gel in corners on my puppy room but to high for them to reach . Im looking at everything I have been breeding for 25 yrs and this is a first for , thought maybe a new strain on Parvo Virus ?
Mar 27, 2016 jrj
I have a 5 month old newfoundland that has had two seizures within the last 3 weeks. What would cause this .
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