How to Use Boric Acid to Kill Fleas

By Mary Lougee


Boric acid is an inexpensive, low-toxicity product used for flea control in homes. Flea powders for carpeting may include it as an active ingredient in the form of sodium borate, borate or orthoboric acid. It is a fungicide, herbicide and insecticide and works as a desiccant, removing moisture from fleas, which then die of dehydration. Sodium borate is odorless, so fleas return to the treated areas constantly until they die. Flea powders with borate are relatively safe products to rid your home of fleas without the smell and higher toxicity of other pesticides.

Step 1

Pick up all items on the floor, such as clothing, dog bedding and area rugs. Vacuum the entire house thoroughly. Use the vacuum's crevice attachment to clean around the baseboards and at any cabinet bottoms in each room. Remove pets and children from the treatment area while you work with the powder.

Step 2

Shake the flea powder canister to apply the powder along the baseboards in the house. Use this same process to apply the chemical to cabinet bases and in closets. Brush the powder into the crevices with a hand brush. Any powder remaining on the surface should be vacuumed immediately.

Step 3

Shake the canister side to side to administer the product in a light coating on all floors with carpeting. Take note of your pet’s favorite area to lie down and make certain that area is treated. Brush the powder into the carpet fibers with a stiff broom or push broom until it is no longer visible.

Step 4

Apply the flea powder into the deep areas of furniture, such as the bottoms of the backs and arms where they meet the seat. Push the chemical down into the crevices with a hand broom or brush. If you have removable seat cushions, apply flea powder underneath them. Vacuum any remaining powder that you can see on the surface of furniture.

Step 5

Remove the vacuum bag and put it in an outside garbage container. If you have a removable dust cup on your vacuum, pour the contents into a large food storage bag, seal it and place it outside in the garbage.

Step 6

Resume your normal vacuuming routine 24 hours after the application of flea powder with borate. You may continue to see adult fleas for two to six weeks, until the life cycle is broken.
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