Iams Dog Food Review

By Kristie Macris


Iams produces several types of canned and dried dog food for all life stages of a pet's life--from puppies to senior dogs--including premium and veterinary formulas. Which type of Iams dog food you choose will depend on your pet's breed, size and health. Each dry food formula comes in different kibble sizes, including MiniChunk for smaller dogs. Ingredients vary drastically in the various Iams formulas, so a little research will pinpoint the best formula for your dog.
Bowl of Iams


Iams offers several formulas in the mid-range price level. Most can be purchased at retail pet chains. With the introduction of the Iams Healthy-Natural line, the company moved towards more natural, protein-rich ingredients in its dog food. All Iams brands and formulas are better quality than supermarket dog food, and most dogs will do fine on it.


As a larger dog food producer, the quality of ingredients falters when compared to more expensive, all-natural products from boutique producers. This is most evident in the canned food selections, which sometimes contain large chunks of bone or fat. The general public image of Iams is that its products are unhealthy; plus, the company tests its products on animals, which must be weighed when purchasing food for your pet.

Bottom Line

Iams offers several solid formulas, which provide the nutrition that your dog needs at a reasonable cost. In general, you should buy the best dog food that your situation allows. If your dog develops itchy skin, gas or bad breath, switching to a different Iams formula may help.
Comments (32)
Jul 15, 2009 maddie the dog
I do not recommend the food- it makes sense to buy higher quality food
Aug 18, 2009 midori
I agree with "maddie the dog". I prefer Halo or Blue Buffalo. or Solid Gold.
Oct 5, 2009 Cutepuppydude101
my dog will eat the Dry food for iams but he will not touch the wet food!
Oct 20, 2009 PokeyRudy
I used to think it didn't really matter what I fed my dogs, so I fed my Yellow Lab Casper Iams for many years, up until he died from hemangiosarcoma (a common cancer) last year at the age of 12. In fact, I rolled my eyes whenever people talked about the "high quality" or "natural" food they were feeding their dogs. My feeling was that if supermarket dog food provided all the necessary nutrients for a dog, then it was just fine, especially considering what sort of foul things dogs eat in the wild when they're strays. But losing a dog to cancer forced me to question whether I'd done everything I could to keep him healthy. When I adopted two new dogs, I took time to wade through all the various online articles and opinions on dog food, most of which I approached with skepticism, since you never know who's really responsible for posting such information, and what their motives are. But one thing I found is pretty much indisputable: most of the pet foods on the market, especially those found in supermarkets, are made from extremely low-quality ingredients, with far less oversight than foods produced for human consumption. Case in point: the "animal fat" and "animal digest" used in dog food can legally consist of rendered rodents, roadkill, and diseased animals. Low-quality food, usually filled with grains that aren't well-suited to canine digestive tracts, is supplemented with vitamins and minerals and preserved with chemicals that are known carcinogens. How these ingredients impact the overall health of our pets is disputable, but it's hard to imagine that rendered road kill and grain byproducts are actually good for our dogs. Sure, a dog in the wild scavenging a dead rat is one thing, but dogs in the wild don't live to be 12, 14, or 16 years old. So, I now feed my two rescue dogs high-quality food, not because I want to pamper them or treat them as humans, but because I want to do everything I can to keep them healthy and avoid the pain and suffering associated with potentially preventable diseases. I'm not entirely convinced that the "natural" pet food industry isn't just as money-driven as the supermarket brand companies, but short of feeding my dogs raw food (which also has risks), I feel like I'm at least making an effort.
Dec 19, 2009 mepenny
Your kidding right..?! My dogs live on Iams. Every so often Walmart has a generic of Iams called Maxximum which is just a good (cheaper for a better word). I've tried the cheaper brands with meat byproduct listed first. I do not relish in the fact of cleaning up my yard after a bag of dog meal. With the first ingredient of meat, my yard is alot cleaner, my dogs alot healthier and everyone is happy. I know it costs more but I'll stick with Iams!
Dec 28, 2009 wolvesrule4ever
my dog Stoney has tried so many other products and eats them all, he was loving beneful until I found out that it had CORN in it! Corn is bad for dogs because they can't digest it, I just opened a bag of Iams today for him to eat and he seemed to love it. *shrugs* how do we absolutely know what dog food is THE BEST AND HEALTHIEST for our dogs?
Jun 24, 2010 jlover88
My dogs eat kibbles and bits it has real meaty bits and full of vitamins and protien. on some dog food commercials they say there is real meat a chicken but when you look on the ingrediants there isn't any chicken meat etc.
Jul 1, 2010 Sheeree
Nobody's kidding...Iams is NOT a good food. Stick with what you like, but in the end, your pets will suffer. In this age of technology, do your pets a favor, do some research on real quality food, i.e. Sold Gold, Taste of the Wild, Wysong, Wellness, not what TV leads you to believe is Premium dog food, or what's easiest for you to grab at Walmart. Iams is the "junk food" for dogs - if you can not pronounce 3/4 of a pet food's ingredients, uh, maybe you shouldn't feed it.
Jul 15, 2010 Heather016
I fed my dog AND my two cats Blue Buffalo. Me and my boyfriend researched the best dog food for a while. My mom used to feed my other dog Nutro Naturals Large breed when he was a puppy. He is 6 now and we JUST switched to Pedigree for him because the nutro got too expensive for her to afford when we got ANOTHER dog. Dakota will be 7 in September and everyone that has seen him thinks he is 3 years old. He acts like a puppy still, always wanting to play, running aroud the yard, etc. He is in very good health and his body shape is perfect. I think because we fed him the nutro LARGE BREED food that helped him grow to his full potential and health. Now the blue buffalo we fed my dog Boomer, worked great. He really liked it but it didnt seem to agree with him or the kitttens. I asked around and found out Blue Buffalo IS a very good food. BUT it is very high in protein, therefore it dont agree with many animals and you should only feed your dog ONCE a day with blue buffalo. Thats what i was told by a couple of dog "professionals". I myself am not comfortable with feeding my dog once a day. I wouldnt want to eat one time a day! So were on nutro now and he loves it just as much. His stomach is all better now and he is still a happy puppy. I would suggest nutro for your dog (or even cat). It has worked very well for my dogs and its not AS expensive as Blue Buffalo or Solid Gold. I figure if i have the money to go buy ingredients to make me some cookies why shouldnt i spend a extra 10 bucks on giving my dog what he deserves!
Aug 8, 2010 WoofGangBakery
Check out
Aug 26, 2010 Kenzienza
The way Iams treats the dogs they use for testing is disgusting, unethical and downright horrifying. Many go insane, many are sick. They just let the sick ones die. Your dog may like but are you willing to pay a large amount of money for a product givingyour one dog the same amount of health he/she can get from other foods while killing hundreds of dogs. When I looked at the Iams website I was disgusted about how they mask everything and make it look as if Its in any way right, but its not. Help fight against animal mistreatment by NOT buying Iams.
Aug 30, 2010 Teria1
Kenzienza, I wonder if you have any proof that Iams is guilty of killing hundreds of dogs. I am leery of trendy, *natural* off brands. We always fed Purina ONE, but all three of our dogs have been shedding horribly all summer. I wonder if this is because of the recent change in formula.
Sep 29, 2010 Buddy329
IAMS distributed and manufactured tainted dog food which took the life of my dog yesterday! Not only are they deplorable in the manufacturing of the food they try to intimidate me. My wonderful, handsome boy has been taken from me due to the negligence of the IAMS / PROCTOR & GAMBLE selling tainted food with Samonella n- recalled 7/30/2010. Can't something be done about this -- they sold tainted food in 2007 killing 1,000 of animals and here we go again. WE NEED PROTECTION for such bufoons harming our beloved pets. For over thirty (30) days Proctor & Gamble had permission to contact my vet, but did they do so? No, they did not. Additionally, I made numerous calls to thm (Proctor & Gamble/IAMS), yet I never received a call back, even after I informed them that ALL FOUR OF MY DOGS were getting ill from the recalled food. Once I finally did connect with Proctor & Gamble/IAMS, they attempted to intimidate me by saying they would close the case if I would not give them permission to contact my vet. They had over thirty days to do so, and they think they can strong-arm me into giving them more time? How can this be a credible organization,? I wonder how their shareholders would feel if this information was made public? I withdrew my permission for them to contact my vet, since not only did they not follow through with what they said they would do. I did not receive one ounce of compassion for the situation THEY CAUSED. Three of my four dogs recovered recovered from Proctor & Gamble’s/IAMâ €™s incompetence, sadly my sweet boy did not recover. He was on the regimen with the deplorable food and had to be put down yesterday (September 28, 2010) since he could not recover from the damage Proctor & Gamble/IAMS caused with their product. IAMS informed me that they have lost my paperwork. Seriously?! This only goes to show how grossly inadequate they are as a company, however, I realize that this is THEIR PROBLEM NOT MINE. My issue lies in the severity of the illness they INFLICTED on my poor Brody which ultimately lead to the LOSS OF HIS LIFE!! Proctor & Gamble/IAMS MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE for the damage they have caused; not only to my family, but the numerous people affected by their inferior products. Additionally, they threatened to close my case if I withdrew my permission for them to to speak to my vet, after they had over 30 days to do so. CLEARLY having my case open did me no good in the OVER 30 DAYS they did have the access. Nor did it help my sweet boy -- may he rest in peace. I was also told by the inadequate corporation this is an "unfortunate" thing. UNFORTUNATE?! IAMS cannot threaten people who give permission to them and they don't follow through with what they say they will do. I have a copies of ALL medical records NOW that will be RELEASED at the proper time for the DAMAGES THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE for. I realize that none of it will bring back my sweet love , however, I WANT CONSUMERS and PETS PROTECTED from such GROSS INCOMPETENCE. I HOLD IAMS SOLELY accountable for the death of my dog due to the salmonella contamination he consumed from their product, which caused a WEAKENING of his immune system. In addition, MY VET had referred to me a specialist after WEEKS of illness. I have contacted the FDA about the incidient CAUSED by this WORTHLESS company, and informed them of the INJURIES to families and animals and the DEPLORABLE and CRUEL customer service I received. My sweet boy was hospitalized THREE TIMES and developed aspiration pneumonia as a result of IAMS FOOD MAKING HIM SO SICK. He consumed the RECALLED food and my HEART IS BROKEN BEYOND any reasonable means of expression; and NEEDLESSLY because of the IAMS -- PROCTOR & GAMBLE being CARELESS yet AGAIN. This is not the FIRST TIME this organization has created such OUTRAGOUS CRIMES by distributing contaminated food. I have not asked for 1 cent from this terrible company. Any money from them is BLOOD MONEY, and I’m not looking to line my pockets. I want PROTECTION from such a grossly incompetent organization. The information related to my boys passing will be released at the proper time and to an organization WORTHY of the information. Hopefully this will cause fewer families to be subjected to IAMS brand. It is my opinion the crimes P&G/IAMS have committed are beyond outrageous, and as I said my sweet boys life was TAKEN yesterday because he consumed tainted IAMS food which caused many health complications -- so was it actually the samonella or the complications from it? All of it is at the careless hands of IAMS!
Oct 2, 2010 ralph.roberts
Iams not good food. Try Orijen, Blue Buffalo, Wellness.
Oct 12, 2010 anniea24
Buddy, I am so sorry for your loss I've been feeding Iam's since we brought Roscoe home 4 months ago. His stool's are solid. Should I switch?, I can't afford to buy organic dog food for him. Kirkland food had a much better star rating, but I read of dogs having seizures on it. Even Blue Buffalo had a recall on one of the sites that graded dog food. Any suggestions?
Oct 22, 2010 Muze
there is some good information about dog food, its quality and what the cheap dog food made of. one should know the different between meal, meat meal and meat by-product and how bad they are for dogs. those companies who are making dog food from cheap ingredients basically killing you dog slowly over the years. who in the world would ever think that companies making dog food from dead animals and dead dogs and cat. or from the worst left over parts of the meat that is not suppose to be in a food. not even for dogs. worth taking a look !!!! http://www. 13; http://www.dogfoo l
Oct 22, 2010 Muze
great source http://ww
Nov 15, 2010 Gertrude'sMum
Gerty is on Iams wieght control formula.
Mar 3, 2011 NanaPepper
wolvesrule4ever, you seem to already know that corn is bad for dogs, good for you. But you know what the second ingredient in Iams is? CORN MEAL. It's funny because right on the front of the package it says it contains no fillers, but it's second ingredient is corn, which sense dogs can't digest it...I think it counts as a filler. Also we switched our dog from purina pro plan to Iams thinking it would help her poop less. It hasn't. It makes her poop so much more. She poops on a light day atleast 5 times. Today she has already pooped twice and we've only been up for a few hours. And the size of the poop is just unreal. She is a 14lb. terrier but if you saw the elephant piles she is leaving in our backyard you'd think we have atleast 2 large labs. I can't for financial reasons switch her off the Iams right now. But in a few weeks I am going to invest in some actual quality dog food for her. She is my baby, she deserves more.
Mar 15, 2011 SiobhanM
I love, love love!!! Before Grain Buffalo. My St Bernard does fantastic on this and the ingredients list is superior. I'm surprised Iams receives such a positive review based on its' ingredients list. There are sites that rate dog foods based on their protein to carb composition and the quality/type of proteins/carbs used and Iams ranks very low on those lists.
May 10, 2011 I'llBeMe
After reading all the comments, the whole thing seems pretty controversial. I, being a 14 yr old girl without a job, am unable to buy organic dog foods. I'm adopting a puppy from the shelter soon, and I want to feed it the best dog food I can, and at the same time keep enough money stored away in case he needs emergency medical attention or something. If not Iams, does anyone have any other suggestions on good dog food for a reasonable price? Thanks!! :)
Sep 13, 2011 rickso
I lost a beautiful English Springer at age eight to a sinus tumor, you cannot prove the Iams food,but do youself a favor and read the food contents, go on and you will find Iams is rated 0(the worst)fillers,corn my new puppy is on the one of the top ten at least you tried your best to feed quality, not junk
Oct 4, 2011 justiniraq
Iams is NOT GOOD dog food for multiple reasons. The first is the experiments the company preforms on live dogs. The second is because most of their formulas have bad, cheap ingredients that are unhealthy, yet they're still overpriced compared to the cheaper brands. If you compare the ingredients, they either match or are similar to the cheaper brands out there. Yes, their more expensive formula's are healthier and contain better ingredients, but they are overpriced if you compare it to other brands that have the same ingredients or are similar. After searching a long time to find the best dog food relative to price, I would HIGHLY recommend 4Health dog food and Diamond. They both have about the same ingredients, no fillers, corn, soy or wheat and most of the formulas contain some type of meat and meat meal as the first 2 ingredients. You can get a 40lb. bag between $20 - $30 depending on brand and formula. I would also like to note that the 4Health brand is made from Tractor Supply Co. and you can buy it from there.
Oct 24, 2011 educateyourself
It seems to me that a lot of people depend on illegitimate sources for their "pet food facts" when they are merely opinions. To learn more about pet food and regulations, visit the following websites. http:/ / /pethealth/naturalfoods91610.html&# 13; http://www.petfoo
Nov 2, 2011 DogsRGr8
The Kansas state article is just one person's opinion as well. AAFCO guidelines can be met with a diet of shoe leather, motor oil and ground wood. AAFCO gives pet owners a false assurance of quality. Thousands of dogs have died eating AAFCO certified dog foods, due to aflatoxins, melamine, salmonella or other contaminants. Just say "NO" to commercial pet foods. Feed your pets fresh meats, bones and perhaps some veggies/fruits or even home cooked grains such as rice and potatoes if cost is an issue. Your pets will be the healthier for it.
Nov 9, 2011 anonymoustoo
Does anyone know why most IAMS products were removed from the shelves about a year or so ago? I was told that it was because IAMS was moving its operation to another location. I feel as if I wasn't being told the whole truth.
Dec 10, 2011 jamesdockter
maybe dogs are like people some can eat crapy food and have bad habits and live forever thats the cool thing about like it is so random we should be happy we got the time with our animals instead of being insecure about death and blaming a food company
Mar 2, 2012 lonniemelott
Holistic food is the best option. For about $0.20 more a day your pet gets real food.
Mar 12, 2012 sisie
NATURES LOGIC ONE OF THE BEST DRY FOOD I WOULD RECOMMEND. NO SYTHETIC VITAMINS OR MINERALS.please visit their web. i ve been feeding my 3 am. pit bull terriers to this food n they are thriving! my 3 yr old blak fem.pitt had bad skin issues, plus yeast overgrown this food really helped her out! it took a while but it did. it always takes a long time to cure yeast. please remember that its not only food ur dogs eat but also treats stay away from treats that have corn,flour,oatmeal,oats any kind, rice. best are dry jerky treats with meat as first ingridient. please stay alway from food n treats from china, they r notorious for animals getting sick and even dying from it! i do not reccomend any food from stores like wal mart and other big markets. they are all disgustinga nd shocking ingrediens like recycles dogs and cats and roadkill and vitamins that r cancerous!
Mar 12, 2012 sisie
i would also like to aware people that care about pets and like dogs and cats to not supposr and do not buy any products by procter and gamble :) due to notorious test on aninmals
Mar 12, 2012 sisie
esecially dogs and cats.
Oct 20, 2013 azdryheat
Started our two Maltese puppies, 7 mos, on Ijams PRO Puppy Health this morning and now they have to go outside to poop every hour. WTF? Going back to Puppy Chow.
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