Teething Remedies for Puppies

By Glyn Sheridan


Around two weeks of age, a puppy begins to get his baby teeth; by the time he is 12 weeks old, he will have all of them. Not long after the last baby teeth are in, the puppy will begin to lose them and new, permanent teeth will take their place. As the new teeth come in, the puppy might experience redness, swelling and irritation. You can take steps to alleviate his pain and reduce the risk of your puppy chewing up valuable items while he's teething.
Help your puppy with teething pain.

Step 1

Provide your puppy with acceptable items on which to chew. While the new teeth are putting pressure on a puppy's gums, chewing is a natural reaction. If you don't provide a chew toy, your puppy will look for something else to chew, including furniture, shoes and other things you value. Offer him only one or two chew toys, and present them to your puppy before he starts chewing on something else. If you supply too chew toys, your puppy may not distinguish them from other things that seem chewable.

Step 2

Enhance your puppy's desire to chew on his designated toy by rubbing a small bit of peanut butter on it once or twice a day. Do not go overboard on the peanut butter. Try an alternate flavor occasionally, such as bacon grease.

Step 3

Give your puppy an ice cube to chew. For an occasional change of pace, drop one or two ice cubes in your puppy's food bowl. Used crushed ice for toy breeds. The ice will melt and slip back into the bowl as he works on it, but it will provide soothing relief for irritated gums while it lasts.

Step 4

Freeze a clean dishrag after dipping it in water and wringing it out. Twist the damp dishrag into a tight, rope-like shape and let it freeze that way. When your puppy shows signs of needing to chew, offer the frozen rag to chill and temporarily numb his gum pain. When the rag warms and softens, you can rinse it out and refreeze it.

Step 5

"The Doctors Book of Home Remedies for Dogs and Cats" suggests massaging your puppy's gums to relieve her pain. While sitting with your puppy, use one hand to support her chin while gently rubbing her upper and lower gums for a few minutes.
Comments (14)
Nov 10, 2009 LILLY 66
Hi! I give my pup ice cubes and the chews that you freeze for pups , I find that soothes her teeth and gum's and makes her feel better! she lets me know when her teeth and gum's are bothering her she gets frustrated and wines, cant seem to settle down and chewing her other toys at the time just don't cut it ! haha cut it get it ! cut'n teeth ok ok ! I find this method works great! I have used this method on all my dogs! later's!
Apr 29, 2010 nununea
aaaw i luv this puppy it is so so so cute i wish i culd marry it just kidding i wuld nev'r marry a dog but aaawwwwwwwww okay yall lucky yall got a dog becuz our dogz died!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 29, 2010 nununea
wwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww wwws
Jul 30, 2010 charlotteluvsnugget96
When is the teething supposed to stop? My pup is 6 months old and he does this, so he has it right?
Feb 5, 2011 squeak2you
Thank you, This information is very helpful. My puppy loves the ice cubes and the frozen dishrag idea.
Mar 25, 2011 Brandon_2
Thank you for this information. I am doing a project on how to take care of a (specifically mine) puppy. I will try this information and by the looks of it it has worked. Thank you everyone!
May 2, 2011 ShermanMail
Frozen carrots work great and give pups an extra bit of nutrition. Be careful to keep it at 4 or less daily. Toy and small breeds can get baby carrots. Alternate with carrots and thick cotton ropes to help the breaking.
Jun 1, 2011 algonquingirl
We have a 5 month old australian labradoodle who is going crazy with teething right now. The frozen dish towels work amazingly! He loves them all twisted up like a rope so he can unwind them. When he gets sick of the water we also dip them in chicken broth and freeze them as a treat. It's a little bit more messy though! Carrots also work with him. He loves his baby carrots!!!
May 14, 2012 michelin
Jul 13, 2012 TerriTaber
We just got a new puppy, she is 10 weeks old and is teething so much she is whining when something touches her jaw and we were wondering if baby Tylenol or Baby Oregel, or Hylands teething tablets would help her.
Jul 17, 2012 Ziggy's Mom
NEVER give Tylenol to dogs - it is toxic to them!!!!
Jul 23, 2012 addisonjava
Is a drop of clove oil in the water before you dip rag twists ok for dogs? I know its great for numbing. Thanks
Jun 16, 2013 kelly02
Great information! Very helpful.
how old is a puppy before they stop teething i rescued what they said is a KelpieXBeagle and they said was 6 months when we got her we have had her for 3 months making her 9 months but she seems to have just started getting adult teeth does this make her younger or just a late teether?
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