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This is Maisie who we adopted from a no-kill shelter. She had been brought back three times to the shelter. We had a little problem in the beginning with her but she settled in just fine. We love her dearly & can't imagine why she had been brought back to the shelter so many times. She loves to play and be chased, chase squirrels and go for long walks with her mommy! She fits into our family so well. Maisie loves everybody & wants everybody to love her in return. I can't imagine life w/o her!

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Comments (115)
Oct 25, 2009 Rottweilers r Awesome
awww what a cute dog!!!
Oct 25, 2009 wolfgirl66
I hope that ya'll enjoy many happy years with wonderful Maisie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!! She's very pretty!!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE POST more pics of her!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 25, 2009 drakes' granny
Maisie is beautiful. I don't understand people that adopt and return. But sounds like Maisie did well anyway. Keep her safe and love her lots.
Oct 25, 2009 BudandMe
She is adorable! Nice to see her on the DP :D
Oct 26, 2009 wolfgirl66
Thanks for sharing the additional pics of wonderful Maisie!!!!!!!!!!!!!
he is gettong along with all the help by us and his friends. and thanks for caring. i bet my dog would love to hang out with Maisie!
Oct 31, 2009 *DevilPrincess*
Maisie is wonderful, magnificant spectacular...all the best a human could ask for. *DevilPrincess*
Nov 1, 2009 Katydoglove
what a cutie you are(:
Nov 2, 2009 DailyPuppy Rules
i love the mix! =D. And such a beautiful name. i love her markings!
Nov 10, 2009 barb_blackman
I love her!!! Some people just shouldn't have dogs, she was just meant to be returned until you found her!!!! Thank god you did, right?!!?
Nov 10, 2009 barb_blackman
Nov 10, 2009 barb_blackman
Dozer does the exact same thing, sleeps on the couch with his "poogie" (pillow) and his "bankie" (blanket)!!! She is heart warming!!!
Nov 12, 2009 Upnorthgirl
I love this pic of Maisie! I love to get my girls cozy! They have their own couch!! They sometimes let us cuddle on it with them!!!
Nov 16, 2009 *Sprocket&Breeze*
An absalute doll-bugg![; She is a real cutie-pie!
Nov 18, 2009 scdoxielove
What a great picture!!! you look like such a love bug Maisie! Belly rubs for you.
Nov 18, 2009 Emmy462
She was returned? Wow, people don't know what their missing...she is a cutie!!
Nov 24, 2009 *LuvMyZoie*
OMG! This is taking a simple nap to a whole new level! Lol! Maisie is so gorgeous! How could anyone return her with the face she has?! I'm really glad to here that she has found her forever! That's great news! Have a great life, wonderful Maisie!~~ Please check out my dogs and leave a comment on them, thanks!
Nov 24, 2009 Yeta
I guess she can't sleep! I love the one ear up and one ear down! She is sooooooooo CUTE!!!
Nov 26, 2009 Kirios
her ears r like my old dog!!!!!!!!!:)
Nov 28, 2009 B-M-D
pee-ka-boo Maisie, shes a beautiful doggy, many treats for you Maisie, love Sprocket!
Dec 18, 2009 ley8176
What a sweet looking dog. I don't understand why she was brought back 3 times either! Thank you for saving her!
Dec 29, 2009 shilohfly
Maisie. What a sweetie pie. She has the look of, "you can't POSSIBLY stay mad at me for long!!" Thank you for adopting, and saving. :) Hugs, Kisses and Biscuits for years to come!!
Dec 31, 2009 bassfreqq
Awesome!! Maisie looks quite comfortable there all bundled up, sweet dog!
Jan 18, 2010 pennylane_yoshi
What a beautiful dog! I am so glad you were patient with her and took her in when others wouldn't give her a chance. She is absolutely wonderful!
Jan 27, 2010 Valon Behrami :)
shes well cool!
Jan 28, 2010 libby81
Wow- Cute dog! She looks like my sister's dog- a shibu inu/rat terrior. What a cutie!
Jan 29, 2010 LHERMAN
I wish I was right there with her. She is so cute! She seems to have a great personality. I'm glad you found each other! Belly rubs to you Maisie.
Jan 31, 2010 hammondo40
Look at that smile Thanks about the comments for Scooby, he does look at though he has stepped in white paint!!
Feb 1, 2010 rsydor1
Hogan said he'd like to cuddle-up with you Maisie....wink, wink. Maisie is a cutie pie. God bless You and Maisie and thanks for saving her
Feb 26, 2010 Wendy & Aussies
Very happy dog!! :)
Mar 3, 2010 Kai Ryssdal
I am so glad Maisie has found a home with you! She looks like an absolute sweetheart who just wants to have fun!
Mar 15, 2010 mynamesmarco
What a great looking dog! I LOVE her. Do you happen to know when her ears started to stand up?
Mar 27, 2010 pmkeeney
I LOVE Maisie's ears, but this picture is just too cute. She just tuckered herself out playing, no doubt. Lots of hugs and puppy kisses!
Mar 28, 2010 cuppycakelady
LOL! My dog Jones loves to be wrapped up like this too! How cute!
Mar 28, 2010 cuppycakelady
She's so pretty! I love the one floppy ear!
Apr 1, 2010 K-9's_Rule!
too too cute for me!!!!!!!!!
What a great mix! She looks soooooooo happy!
Apr 11, 2010 AmzandPop
I'm so glad you finally found a family that appreciates you Maisie xx
Apr 14, 2010 churc1ej
Someone is a happy dog. Love her name.
Apr 18, 2010 PitFan93
Maisie is such a cute little pooch! You gotta love those ears too!! She looks like such a happy girl & I'm glad she found a best friend in you =) Plus you're right, she does look like my Zoey. I bet they'd be great friends if they ever met!
Apr 24, 2010 nickandang13
she is soooo adorable! What a spunky little lday
May 2, 2010 cookie's chef
Holy crap! You're right! Terra looks just like her! That is so cool! she's very cute. I bet she has lots of fun with you.
May 13, 2010 uniqueguyton
she looks like a bundle of joy how adorable
May 15, 2010 love_my_dog_101
She adorable I don't know how people can take a dog to the pound three time thats just isn't right no dog deserves that lots of hugs and kiss to you
May 20, 2010 plutomom
now THIS is the life!
May 23, 2010 davidnuu
I cant make my dog do this but this is so cute i love this pic
May 23, 2010 Arcane
Maisie looks so happy with her toy. I am glad you were able to give her a permanent home. I couldn't imagine having to back to a shelter three times after thinking you might have finally found a family. It's great that she gets the love she deserves.
May 27, 2010 llamagirl478
Maisie is adorable! I'm so glad she was adopted into a family that loves her!
May 28, 2010 Debbie 57
Maisie,your so pretty.I love your cute ears.And such pretty color.Lots of belly rubs!!!!Thanks for looking at my puppies.
May 30, 2010 paco21332
I love Border Collies & German Sheperds. What a beautiful dog!
Jun 2, 2010 mcrib
Five more minutes!
Jun 5, 2010 Carmilove1209
Soooo cute and beautiful!! I love your name Maisie!! It is very pretty. Wish you many treats!
Jun 8, 2010 Scott Parker
Maisie sure is a cute girl, she is such a cool dog and an awsome mix!
Jun 12, 2010 CandyGirl99
wow Maisie sure is beautiful!! I love her photos, she is a cutie!! A beautiful, beautiful mix too!! =]
Jun 13, 2010 sundayfriday
She is soooooo pretty love her breeds!!!!!!!!!!!Please comment on my pups.
Jun 17, 2010 Piper27
I love your gorgous puppy. I also love all of your photos of this wonderful girl. Hope she has many years of belly rubs, hugs and kisses. (she probably already has that)
Jun 17, 2010 Sawachi
eres un perrito adorable...te amo
Jun 19, 2010 Melanie33
I feel the same way first thing in the morning!! lol :)
Jun 19, 2010 Melanie33
What a cutie! I love this pic :)
Jun 20, 2010 LynnieMikeyVK
Oh my Goodness, what a sweet face! Such a beautiful mix, too. ^.^
Jun 23, 2010 Nicole_J26
wow look at that smile lol. Must be getting alot of belly rubs and great joy
Jun 23, 2010 Nicole_J26
I love this picture he must have been loving sleeping under the cover and enjoying the fluffy pillow
Jun 26, 2010 mydartswinger
Maisie's so cute in this pic. I just wish I could get my little Deiji to do that.
Jun 30, 2010 Frooper
Too cute!!!!
Jun 30, 2010 Frooper
haha this reminds me of some of the pics i have!!
Jul 2, 2010 Astroskylark
I love the ears and the slightly cocked head... As if she's saying: Who wants to plaaay?
Jul 2, 2010 Proves
The big smile says it all....she is happy, happy, happy. The people that returned her to the shelter didn't realize that they had a diamond in the rough. Great for you because she is now part of your family and real jewel. THANK YOU FOR ADOPTING HER!!!!
Jul 13, 2010 BonnieBoo.
Maisie is so pretty! I like that name :) Her mix is adorable! She is going in my favorites!
Jul 17, 2010 KatieLovesTess
She look so cheeky !! But adorable at the same time i bet she gets what ever she likes!
Jul 24, 2010 UrsaDad
After a faltering start, it looks like Maisie's found her niche. And it's a comfortable one. I prefer a good coffee and a danish, but this works too!
Jul 24, 2010 UrsaDad
"They'll never find me here!"
Jul 30, 2010 janaS
Oh my God, tucked in just like mommy. It's obvious she is part of the family and well loved and taken care of. She definitely has some German shepherd in her. Lucky has a doggie bed (but insists on sleeping in mine at night over my legs under the covers)but Flo has an old human pillow and plush ex-blanket which he sleeps on, head on pillow just like yours. :)
Jul 30, 2010 janaS
I love this pic too, she seems so fun-loving and happy. I think she was meant to be with your family. She's still a youngster too (no more than 3 I'd guess), maybe the vet will be able to give you an idea. Many long, healthy and happy years to you all.
Aug 3, 2010 barb_dozer
OMG she is so cute!!! I cannot imagine why someone wouldn't and couldn't just LOVE that face!!! But it just means they weren't the right family for her and she kept coming back and waiting for you! She is adorable and looks extremely happy in her new life, family & looks very loved!!!
Aug 3, 2010 MishellBSmith
Aug 3, 2010 MishellBSmith
so much personality!
Aug 3, 2010 Sbaxx2
What a great name ;)
Aug 7, 2010 duettists
Maisie is adorable. I'm so happy she found a loving home with you.
Aug 7, 2010 isbel5926
maisie is absolutly BEAUTIFULL!!!!!
Aug 22, 2010 lucyny2000
Looks, brains, personality - she got it all! I am glad 3 people before you did not appreciate that, so you are the lucky one to find your Masie! Blessings from NY
Aug 24, 2010 diddy.20
Sep 1, 2010 Aspenhunter
Maisie, you are one heck of a beautiful girl aren't you! I'd love to see loads more photo's of your beautiful little Maisie! Thankyou for the comments on my dobies! Leaving warm welcoming hugs and treats..Your new dobie friends Aspen & Hunter.
Sep 1, 2010 jaspberry
I really don't see how anyone could take this face back THREE TIMES. Jeez, what's wrong with people that they can't recognize utter awesomeness? Congratulations on getting the privilege to own sucha beauty.
Sep 1, 2010 White_Widow
Thanks for visiting Ivie's profile! I luv this pic! I bet Maisie's a lil tornado, like Ivie :) Congratulations, she's really really nice! Hugs from Ivie&Bia
Sep 2, 2010 LittleK
Maisie is so gorgeous!!! She must be a smart girl, being a BC/GS mix. Boo sends lots of "special kisses" to Maisie the beautiful girl! Thanks for commenting on my pup!
Sep 5, 2010 yankigal
Awwwww....Maisie is ADORABLE & sounds like a sweetheart....and what a nice ending to her story!! It's so nice to hear stories like this because somehow, things worked out perfectly for everyone. Her pictures were all great but this reminds me of my little McGee because he is always covering himself like that and playing hide and seek with us!! Too cute!!
Sep 18, 2010 Alibee
what a cutie! I bet Rafa & Maisie would get along really well.
Oct 13, 2010 ashleigh-kennett
awwwww wot a cutie :)
Oct 20, 2010 Jumz23091990
I love the one ear up and the other one flops my Bobbie does that too... Such a cutie..
Cute sleeper!!
Nov 8, 2010 Danjammin
what a happy girl she is! have fun with her! too adorable.
Dec 10, 2010 kitcaepup
You look like a very hyper girl! Your very pretty too!
Dec 21, 2010 mel&nel
awww :) all bundled up!
Jan 7, 2011 fawxfyre
Awww, she's beautiful!! And, thank you for your comment on 2009! lolol...I apologize, I just today saw it as I don't come on here very often; usually stuck on another website! lol....have a great day!
Feb 2, 2011 chrisnoof
Aw she seems so fun! Sometimes the best pups are the one's that need a little extra care. Best wishes!
Apr 19, 2011 h1ll13r
Maisie Is goergous. Have a long and happy life. Lots of cuddles :)
Apr 25, 2011 UrsaDad
"Mom, don't forget I want those little mini-marshmallows on my hot chocolate. And a peanut butter-chocolate chip cookie. And where's the remote? Cats 101 is on."
Jun 20, 2011 Grusinskaya
Maisie, I want to rub that cute belly!
Sep 5, 2011 pupz222387
She is sooo cute!
Sep 5, 2011 pupz222387
Maisie:Just let me sleep.
Oct 11, 2011 thedogfreak
What a doll!!!
Nov 16, 2011 pumigirl13
Aww she is so adorable!! I hope you have a nice life!
Nov 17, 2011 Jillandbronx
She is so cute! It looks like she could be related to Bronx! Lol
Nov 20, 2011 Missmilamae
My heart aches when I imagine what Maisie was thinking each time she was returned to the shelter. Thank you a zillion times for adopting, it is obvious that she is wildly, ecstatically happy with you. Thanks for your kind comments about my dogs also. I can relate to the "hyper"ness of your Maisie as my Dolly is the same...must be the Border Collie side of them. Couldn't live without it though...better than TV!!!
Nov 30, 2011 MissyMiss
aw thanks for your comment on my Missy! You're Maisie is so adorable, looks kinda like my Miss! :D
Dec 10, 2011 tacos1
So cute! I just love her ears!
Dec 10, 2011 kelpiesrule
Cute puppy. Quite a difference in looks between this one and an adult photo of her. Glad she ended up finding a forever home!
Jan 1, 2012 virgilsmama
Maisie and family, thank you for commenting on my sweet babies. I love your photos, all of them, but this is the best! This is how the pups should live, in comfort and obviously in love! Best of life to all of you and Happy New Year!
Jan 3, 2012 pepsidoggie
Maisie, you are are very cute puppy!
Jan 4, 2012 ReaganBrug
What a beautiful dog! I can't believe someone would ever give her up! Looks like she's in a great home
Jan 13, 2012 wilsonthebrowndog
what a cutie! i love dogs that smile.
Mar 19, 2012 cnguyen209
Maisie your a cross between aborder collie and a german shepard. now that is bound to be genius!
Apr 20, 2012 Jassie2002
Ohh so cute!! Love this pic!! Many happy years together!!
Jun 13, 2012 samoodleg
Oh Maisie you are too cute!
Oct 27, 2012 angelrules
Maisie your such a cutie! I love this photo it brought a smile to my face! Hugs from me and Angel in Australia!
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