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I have always been afraid of dogs its more like a phobia then fear and because of this I have never liked dogs. As a child the only pets I ever had were a few goldfish in a bowl. Then I married Jeremy Malone and all that changed. We knew we wanted animals right off I had never had any so I was super pumped and Jeremy had always had one but for the last few years hadnt. We were all set but then we moved into a apartment and couldnt have any :( This just made us long for our own house even more.In feburary (09) we signed for our house. And not long after we happened upon a beautiful akita/huskey puppy we later named Brittany. We had moved in with my mother and father in law until our house was done fixing up. But judy ( my mother in law) let us bring ms brittany right in. I feel in love instantly It was strange because I didnt want a dog but I knew Jeremy did. Ok so now were up to date and the real story can begin this blog is all about The Life Of Rory. One day a couple weeks after we got Britt I got a phone call at work, It was my cousin and best friend Lacey and I could tell by here fast high pitched voice she was excited. She was with my other friends mom Kim and Kims friend dog had puppies. She said im getting one and I wnat you to get the other they are the last two and there adorable. I told her id call Jeremy. Jeremy said it was totally up to me. Im not sure why but from the minute I got the call I wanted him. One problem Judy said not in my house and who could blame her. We had already brought in one dog and got her dog Daisy all upset. I called Lacey back and said yes but we have a problem. Kim said thats no problem he can stay with me I will be his foster mommy. ( she wanted him anyway but her husband said no) So it was a done deal. Kim sent me pictures everyday. He was so adorable and tiny. We couldnt wiat any longer after a few days we worked out a plan to keep him at our new house we were coming over everyday anyway so while I was at work Jeremy went and got him. That night I went and met Rory who by the way was named by Jeremy I named Brittany si he named him Rorschach Mitchell I decided on "Rory". I pull that little guy out of his crate and there he was cover in his own crap. But i was in love anyway. Soon we moved in Rory was messy and into everything but so loving he was purfectly content laying in my lap wrapped up like a baby. Which is where he was most of the time. He loved to chace balls and never barked when someone came. The perfect dog. Dont get my wrong I love Brittany but Rory was my baby. Everyone liked him even him and my mom warmed up. When he got a couple months old his lil ears stood straight up and no he was the priettyiest but he was to us. I took Rory one hot day in may to the vet to get fixed. It killed me to leave him but first thing the next morning I went and Got him the lady walked him out on a leash and at first he didnt see me but the minute he did he made a bee line for me and up in my lap he was. i babyed him to death I will admit.One night while i was at work Rory did something I cant even remember what but Jeremy whipped him and put him outside not long after thunder struck and rained poured Jeremy ran outside the minute it started but Rory was gone. When I got home I stayed out in the pitched black with flash lights yelling his name but nothing. The bed was empty that night Rory always got under all the covers and stayed there till you got up the next morning I was so upset i wnet to work the next day and around 6 i got a phone call guess whos home i was so happy a couple weeks later we got a new living room suite and all this time Rory was doing great on pottying outside if we were home when we werent evey night it was a mess if he was in his crate he was covered in crap and had to have a bath if he was out i had to clean house and after a long day of work when I get home at 11 i dont wanna do any of that . but one night jeremy got home and noticed our brand new coffee table had been chewed up. and thats when we made the decison and from that moment on Rory lived outside with Brittany. and to my surprise he loved it him and Britt were inseparable and played and run. It definaltly wasnt a punishment at all . And my house had never been cleaner but still the mother in me wnated to go scoop him up and bring him in but i knew deep down outside was best . Sunday night when I got home from church I decieded my boy needed a bath so in i brought him and he didnt fight or anytrhing. its like he wnated a bath. then i did what i always did i wraped him in a towel and held him like a baby till he dried I clipped his nails and talked to him Jeremy wasnt home it was just me and Rory little did I know that would be my last time with him while he was well. On thursday the 23rd I wnet out to feed the dogs and all i found was Brittany. Which was strange Rory was always at the gate with her jumping and whinning my eyes scanned the lot and fell on him.hunched over in the fartherest corner I can to that corner where i found my little mna his mouth oozing with slobbed and a huge ouddle under him. I knew something was seriously wrong. II talked to him and his tail would barely wag. My heart shank as i lifted his limp body out wrapped him in a towel and took him to the garage I left him there cause i had to go to work I called jeremy and when he got off work he gave him water judy brought him food and put pep toe in his food . He atee a little and drank a ton I called every time i could to check on him jeremy told me he seemed a little better and that we would check on him in the morning and if he wss the same or worse take him first thing to the vet. The whole time im thinking we can beat this. He will be fine and the minute hes well he is back in the house wiht me.I came home from work that night a lil after 11 and wanted to go see Rory but jeremy keept telling me it wasnt a good idea he had got dierrea and he was bad. he said you dont wanna see him like that just wiat till in the morning. I cried and cried my lil baby was so sick and all I had done so far was watch , I set my alarm for 7am and told myself we would dgo to the vet. The next morning i got up and headed out to the garage hoping he was better but nerveous he was not i creaked the door open. there he laid in from of his crate. I thought he was just asleep so I called his name. Nothin he just cant hear me i said. so i walked right up to him and said wake up sleepy head. still nothin I watched his side for breathing I couldnt tell im gonna scare him i keep saying to myself so finally i touch his leg cold and stiff I feel apart the rest i dont really remmember until i got back to our bed room I said jeremy and he said yeah hi said hes dead and thats all i could get out i feel into jeremy arms and we cried for what seems like forver finally we pulled it together long enough to bury him he had a beautiful grave behind the garage. Its so hard to believe hes gone. I feel empty. I know its just a dog but it was my first animal i ever had to bury. Really he was my first pet to die. He was my baby he was my child he was my friend. i can remmeber coming home from work when i had had a bad night and just holding him and crying or when me and jeremy fought scooping him and rocking him while i cried. he was always right there. and now hes gone im glad hes not suffering but im selfish and i wnat him here with me. i miss my baby

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Comments (9)
Feb 4, 2010 shortyww22
I'm soooo sorry you lost poor rory.he sounded like a wonderful dog.but from the sounds of it it may have been parvo....glad hes not suffering in peace sweet rory...comment on my dogs please.
Feb 4, 2010 Jose
Your a cutie!
Feb 4, 2010 Jose
Your a cutie!
Feb 4, 2010 georgia04
Poor Rory, his life ended much too soon. It is comforting to know he spent it with you, though, and that he was much loved. He'll always be with you in spirit, watching over the ones who loved him.
Feb 4, 2010 Jose
Just rememeber he's in doogy hevan and is still looking out for you all. And as long as you remember him he will always be with you.
Feb 4, 2010 wolfgirl66
Sorry! RIP Sweet Rory! Rory will always be part of your heart!
Feb 5, 2010 Dove
I’m not trying to hurt your feelings but there are couple of things you need to know. One, you need to learn to spell and type. Two, you are not ready for a dog. You don’t have the time to take care of a dog like you should. Having a dog is like having a child and I’m telling you if you had taken care of a child like you did your puppy the Children’s Welfare would have been called. Puppies are like children in that their bladders don’t mature right away. That’s why potty training takes some time. It really isn’t whether a dog is smart or not. It’s a matter of physical maturity. The same with their eliminations. Just to put them in a crate isn’t good enough for a puppy. Also, you will have things chewed on because they are teething. Puppies are babies. Just like you don’t leave a baby alone for hours at a time you don’t leave a puppy alone for hours. As soon a pet, especially a puppy or kitten shows signs of being sick you take them to the vet just as you would take a child to the doctors. You don’t put them in a garage and wait until the morning. I know you must have to work and that is understandable, but as long as you do you should wait to have a puppy for the sake and well being of the puppy. For the suffering that your puppy went through I’m a so sorry.
Feb 5, 2010 happypup
Good for you, Dove, thank you so much, I could have said the exact same thing. And "Jeremy whipped him and put him outside"??? How could he have done such a thing? I don't believe either of you really loved him or you would never have done such a thing. And indeed, putting a sick dog in a garage and waiting till the morning. Absolutely unspeakable. Poor, poor Rory, may he rest in peace. The whole story makes me cry. I wish people were less ignorant.
Feb 8, 2010 jacdan
He is probabbly playing up in heaven right now, maybe even along with Sally.......She died because she was sick too.....
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