A Special Dog Named Fluffy

Dog Breed: Unknown

Fluffy's dad says: Fluffy’s not only a special and photogenic dog, he’s a hemophilia A survivor. Fluffy was very, very sick as a puppy, having frequent, life-threatening episodes of bleeding. We found out that he has a genetic clotting disorder called hemophilia A. Through a lot of love, persistence, and the care of many people, he’s grown up to be almost five years old. Many generous doggy blood donors have donated blood to help keep Fluffy alive. Because of Fluffy, we’ve also started Sun States Animal Blood Bank, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit all-volunteer dog-blood donor program. Volunteer dog donors from all over south Florida give generously to help save the lives of dogs who need blood because they have been injured, have cancer, or have bleeding problems like Fluffy. Their generosity and courage has saved hundreds of animals. And it’s all because of my wonderful little dog, who I love more than anything. Read Fluffy's full story at his blog.