Acacia the Pug

Dog Breed: Pug

Acacia has been with me since a puppy. Acacia is so sweet, loves her swimming, cuddling, playing, and just being around me. She is the greatest joy that I have ever had. As a puppy she was very spoiled and deserved every bit of it. I sometimes think she is the reason I exist. She has a bank account, insurance, and an owner that truly loves her. Acacia gets to go to the dog park every day; she loves to play no matter what the weather is. I wake up from a nap with her standing on my chest looking at me, and as soon as I say "you want to go to the puppy park?" she goes and grabs at her leash. She never messes in the house, loves to jump in the bath with me. And her favorite thing is her ball. She goes everywhere with it!!