Alice Eloise the Goldendoodle

Dog Breed: Golden Retriever / Labrador Retriever

My name is Alice Eloise! I live a fun life, full of love. My mommy and I are best friends! She is training me to be her service dog someday. She teaches me lots of impressive commands (did you know that service dogs need to be able to "curtsy"?). But the best service I provide is cuddling! When we are out for a stroll, people always stop to admire my pretty red hair, asking what kind of doggy I am. Have you ever heard of a Double Doodle? Well, that's me! I am part Goldendoodle, part Labradoodle. Sometimes we Double Doodles are called North American Retrievers, and sometimes we are called mutts. You can call me what you like, so long as you give me a hug!