Argus the Australian Cattle Dog Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Argus' aunt says: Argus was a stray that had wandered to the home of a friend of a friend. At that time, he went by the name of Tarzan. He was renamed Argus after Odysseus's dog that waits faithfully for him for twenty years in Homer's "The Odyssey." For the first year that we had him, though, he would have been more suited to go by the name Odysseus. He loved adventures and we were called out often to pick him up at such places as Wal-Mart, Lowes, the bowling alley, and the elementary school. Since then, he has mellowed out and taken on his namesake role as the faithful companion. He now spends his days sleeping on his warm bed and begging for belly rubs. His favorite things include boat rides (though he refuses to swim), playing with his nephew dog, Bosley, scouting for turkeys with his dad, and chasing the neighborhood cats. We could not have asked for a more loyal and lovable dog.