Atticus the Golden Retriever

Dog Breed: Golden Retriever

Atticus' mom says: Atticus is named after the noble, strong, loving and devoted character from "To Kill a Mockingbird" and absolutely lives up to his name. He is a companion to everyone in the family and LOVES to swim. Most summer days, you can find him lounging on the steps of the pool or doing a lap to cool down. Atticus is as easy going as it gets and at night equally divides his time between all members of the family, going from room to room so we all get some of his time. He keeps your feet warm by laying on them for you in the winter and swims with you in the summer. He is protective and loving to his brother and sister dogs and cats. He is happy to act as a jungle gym for kids and a best friend to his dad. He loves popcorn, snow and his family!