Austin the Beagle Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Austin's mom says: Austin came to me via West Virginia where he and his six brothers and sisters were all abandoned on a roadside in the middle of winter. As luck would have it, I was looking to foster a puppy and Austin was on his way to Virginia to be adopted. My original intention was to just foster the little man, but the second they took him out of the truck, I knew he would be a permanent member of the family. They said he was a hound/collie mix, but he looks like a beagle to me. He is a happy little puppy whose favorite activity is to eat anything -- food, treats, and anything interesting he finds while we are out on our walks. His second favorite activity is annoying his big sister, Sydney. Every chance he gets he bites her leg or steals her toys. He loves playing keep away. He has been a great addition to our family and brings a smile to my face every day.