Bailey the Mixed Breed

Dog Breed: Unknown

Bailey's mom says: Bailey lives in Northern Ontario, Canada. Her mother was a purebred black Labrador and her father was a Chesapeke Bay retriever and golden retriever mix. She is mostly golden and white but has two black hairs on her back, near her collar. We got her from a farm just outside the city when she was three months old. She is approximately eight years old in these pictures but has the face and attitude of a puppy. People often stop us on the street when we're walking her and ask to pet her and are amazed at her age. Bailey loves to swim and will find any creek, pond, or mud puddle in a ten-kilometer radius. She also loves the snow and will bury her face and roll around like a pup. Her hobbies include taking the fuzz off of tennis balls and the squeakers out of squeaky toys, and she has an affinity for anything peanut-butter-flavored. Bailey is such a sweet girl and always seems to have a smile on her face, and we're very lucky to have her.