Balto the Golden Retriever

Dog Breed: Golden Retriever

Hi there, I'm Balto! I'm the big golden boy. I have a brother, Cooper, and a sister, Mist. Cooper and I are the best friends ever, and our people say we're almost inseparable but me and Mist, not so much. She always tries to lick me, which I don't like and when I try to avoid that big long tongue she just tries harder. I do secretly love her, though. I love peanut butter and tennis balls! I may be turning ten this summer, but I'm still a puppy at heart. One of the only things I love more than tennis balls is water. When I was a puppy I used to try to swim in my big water bowl and I still paw at the water in the park--it's not nearly big enough to swim in. The thing I love most of all, even more than peanut butter and tennis balls, is my family.