Bear the Beagle Mix

Dog Breed: Australian Cattle Dog / Beagle

Hello, my name is Bear, and I'm a beagle / Australian cattle dog mix. My mom met me at the animal shelter where she volunteers, and told me there was no way she was leaving without me. Soon after she took me home she found out how smart I am--I've already figured out how to open doors and get to the good stuff behind them. My favorite door to open is the bathroom door, because I love to chew on toilet paper. Mom says I have to use my energy and intelligence for good things too, so she has me enrolled in obedience and agility classes. I'm having so much fun! When Mom is at work, I love to look outside and watch the squirrels, chew on my kongs, antlers, and bones, and nap. Mom says that even though I'm quite the mischief man, she's really lucky to have me!