Saturday, April 19, 2014
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Sep 30, 2009 harlequinguy
Bear looks very loving and will surely brighten your life beyond measure. Ten cases of cookies.
Sep 30, 2009 suelill
Oh Bear you are gorgeous - such a lovely looking boy. Lots of cuddles and hugs sweetheart.
Sep 30, 2009 doggieaunt
Ah . . . labrador heaven! Bear, you are one handsome, handsome boy . . . but please don't eat "people chocolate" -- even though you *are* a chocolate lab, it's just not good for you! Besides, your glossy brown coat doesn't need any help looking gorgeous. ;-)
Sep 30, 2009 Dogmad
It is always so good to see stories and photos of dogs whom are spoilt by people! They so deserve it! As they are so many sad tales of animal neglect, this restores my faith in humankind. Take care!
Sep 30, 2009 DoglessInZurich
Haha, that is a fun-looking dog! I love the pictures of him running around paired with him cashed out on boat! Wonderful.
Sep 30, 2009 Gozeeman
I'll take catsup on my burger. What a cute boy. Sounds just like my Gozee
Sep 30, 2009 lkg0711
These photos are wonderful and capture the "essence of Lab." Bear, you are beautiful beyond words. Lab = Love. May you have many healthy happy years with your loving family.
Sep 30, 2009 dogworld93
Bear to the rescue!!! Saving every pine cone from drowning! LOL Sorry I just couldn't resist saying that. Bear sure looks like a happy boy! Give him an extra kiss for me tonight! ;D
Sep 30, 2009 muffin
you look like an adventurous outdoor family! Bear must be very happy to be included in all the fun
Sep 30, 2009 mikeswift
We too have a wonderful choc lab! However we do not let Gypsy eat chocolate because f his known harmful effects on dogs. Please switch Bear to vanilla!
Sep 30, 2009 ckendall
Hi Bear! You sound like such a delightful rascal!!!! Your wonderful smile shows how happy and well loved you are!! Love this pic! He is giving some delicious morsel his undivided attention!!
Sep 30, 2009 amyliz
Bear, having so much fun is tiring, isn't it? You are such a good-looking guy and you sound like a dog lover's dream pet!
Sep 30, 2009 mdunski
Chocolate is toxic for dogs, so Bear, you better change your favorite ice cream to vanilla.
Sep 30, 2009 daphne's mom
What a sweetheart you are! I hope you have a long happy and healthy life! I LOVE LABS! Much love, many biscuits, and tons of belly rubs and hugs for you!
Sep 30, 2009 HillCountryGal
Bear, I love the look on your face. It's like you're imagining just how good all that people food will taste. Sending a bear hug to you Bear! :)
Sep 30, 2009 djmc
OK what's for dinner???? You are a sweetheart Bear. Love ya baby, hugs and kisses
Sep 30, 2009 kerryllr
A happy boy on a sunny day! Bear looks like he has a great life!
Sep 30, 2009 BASummers
Bear appears to be the ideal size for hugging. What a cutie. :)
Sep 30, 2009 Coinshop
Bear, your humans took great pictures of you. You're quite adorable. I hope you have many more happy years with your people. (Labs are the greatest!)
Sep 30, 2009 fritzy
Sep 30, 2009 bopeep
Bear you are a handsome babe, but please, no toxic chocolate for you sweetheart.
Sep 30, 2009 zooppily
LOL! Counter surfing here I come!
Sep 30, 2009 jocie3
All tuckered out after a fun day on the lake. What a lucky dog!
Sep 30, 2009 w102663
After playing hard you look ready for some "good eats", :). Bear you are gorgeous...I love Chocolate Labs. Continue to have a happy life doing fun things. OOO XXX P.S. Bear you are gorgeous!
Sep 30, 2009 loonz
"Where's my burger?" What a beautiful dog.
Sep 30, 2009 gryt
This photo is so sweet... Chocolate bears are my favorite! :)
Sep 30, 2009 Ladyred
Bear, you are gorgeous but be careful with the chocolate ice cream - chocolate can kill dogs. Go for the vanilla instead!
Sep 30, 2009 kgpayne13
Who can resist a big lovable lab? What a sweetie!
Sep 30, 2009 bozo
Oh my goodness! Bear looks just like our Kobe!! Love, love, love chocolate labs and particularly love your bear! He is gorgeous!
Sep 30, 2009 mcdammit
Please sir, can I have another? Bear is looks perfectly at home sleeping on the boat! When I was a child, I used to sleep under the dash of our boat, so I know how tiring being on the water can be. But, what better place for a Lab?
Sep 30, 2009 malawi
Sounds like you are a perfect Lab! Big hugs and kisses handsome boy! :-)
Sep 30, 2009 DailyPuppy Admin
"Okay, now what's for dinner"? Bear is just adorable; I love that he can't go to bed without his nightly belly rub and a kiss on his head....too cute!
Sep 30, 2009 Beth Elder
Bear is so precious! I love the picture of him asleep on the boat as well. That is great that he gets to enjoy the water. He looks so smart, cute and playful!
Sep 30, 2009 pandrews-4
No wonder you are tired, Bear! Looking at all your pics you are quite a busy guy! Thank goodness for naps! Lots of hugs & kisses going your way!!
Sep 30, 2009 Freedom's Pet
You lead a charmed life, Bear, and you're gorgeous besides! I can't think of anything you could want that's not already being provided by your doting people, so I'll just wish you a long and healthy life!!
Sep 30, 2009 lalamcgoo
Bear-where do I begin big boy? Lets see, well first, you really make me smile, what a personality not to even mention what a looker. I love this pic of you because you dont even realize someone is adoring you from behind, I love to watch my dogs stare out the windows, they are so innocent and sweet. You are a real sweetheart, I wish I could hug that big beautiful neck and look into those amazing green eyes of yours, tell your people give you a kiss and hug from me you adorable boy.
Sep 30, 2009 GingerDakota
Bear, it seems that you have a wonderful life! Something a beautiful boy like you deserves. If only all dogs were as lucky as you! xoxoxoxo
Sep 30, 2009 wolfensteinsmom
Bear is just beautiful!!! I think Labs are great companions and keep you on your toes! You seem to have a wonderful life, Bear and I have to say I am jealous. Enjoy your out of doors, and stay healthy. Many nose kisses and big "BEAR" hugs for you. I am also sending a virtual boatload of biscuits just for you.
Sep 30, 2009 iluvk9s
Sweet sweet sleepy baby!!! Bear has such a fun life! Zillions of hugs, kisses and biscuits!!
Sep 30, 2009 taniamorse85
Gotta sleep after all that action! Pace yourself, Bear! You're absolutely gorgeous, and I'd love to give you a belly rub and a kiss!
Sep 30, 2009 AlanaDavis
so priceless!! ilove this look!!
Sep 30, 2009 pamfontainepeters
Bear is wonderful. He's so cute and sounds like a real character. Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Sep 30, 2009 allmyshelties
"Aren't you gonna share with me?" Bear is really workin' "the look" here. I bet there's not much you can refuse this handsome boy. Wishing you a long happy life with your best friend.
Sep 30, 2009 4 the Dogs
Bear is awesome! I love labs!
Sep 30, 2009 DogLuva595
Awwww! Bear is sooo cute! He's sleeping like a Bear :D He looks so comfy! Well, he sounds like he's living the life. Congratulations on making the feature Bear! Check out my two Australian Shepherd girls, Amber and Bella, and please comment on them. Thanks! :) ♥ ♥ :)
Sep 30, 2009 lucybee
A Labrador with his very own boat and lake,it couldn't possibly get any better than this!and chocolate ice cream cones thrown in for good measure!I'd say you have it made,Bear!!
Sep 30, 2009 runswithdogs
Bear!! You're adorable! Hope to see you around the city that smells like Cherrios!!
Sep 30, 2009 rescuedogsareamazing
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW so cute i love him and i think i have the same boat as bear, please check out my pups and comment! :)
Sep 30, 2009 georgia04
Bear is GORGEOUS. I wish I could meet him, he sounds like a lovable, fun boy. He's get lots of pats and belly rubs from me. Big hugs! ;)
Sep 30, 2009 doggone1973
Bear you are so handsome, and sound like a sweet boy. Looks like your enjoying a family picnic here. lots of love for you sweet man.
Sep 30, 2009 lilyb
Bear you are such a handsome boy! And what a sweetheart you are. Extra belly rubs and kisses for you!
Sep 30, 2009 puppy world#1
Awwwwwwwwwww Bear is just livivng the sweet life and he is handsome and sooo cute i love green eyes on puppy or dogs and a shinet new brown coat what a healthy do. I had bad news you might report me on this but if dogs eat choculate they die or like get very sick and then pass away and choculate ice cream has choculate in it ofcourse you might want to give him something better than that like chips for treats.Wow dosent run away cool my friend has a dog and when she was aa puppy i left her on the side walks and she if she runs away but that wasent a right thing to do and she just walked back home to her favorite owner now she tries to run away thats wat she saids but i dont think so.Awww have good days owner and Bear.And i have more to saybut i will stop here.Good luck owner and Bear :).
Sep 30, 2009 slevinsmom
Bear, let me kiss your precious face a thousand times! Is there anything better than a lab? I think not. :-)
Oct 1, 2009 Limmyluver
O Bear, you are so adorably cute! I love this pic. Luvs 4 U!
Oct 1, 2009 iluvmydachsies
Bear is so cute! Such a happy boy!
Oct 2, 2009 Kayra33
Bear, what a perfect name for are an adorable chocolate lab!! I love labs so I just want to give you a big hug and kiss. Many wonderful years to you and your family. Enjoy each and every day of your life with your best friend from Gambit, Storm and Kara in Erie, PA!
Oct 3, 2009 Beagle109
Bear, you're beautiful! what a mug for the camera you are!
Oct 6, 2009 Charlie P
You are just lovely, I have a baby choc lab only 7 months and he too won;t go to sleep without his tummy tickle and kiss goodnight, and he too likes being chased in the wood, but he always comes back when you shout "Biscuit" sending you lots of cuddles from Charlie and me xxxx
Oct 11, 2009 Olivia Horman
Bear you are soooooooo CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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