Bella Ann the Dalmatian x Pointer

Dog Breed: Unknown

Bella Ann's mom says: My sister found this six-week-old puppy dumped in front of a elementary school on a cold December morning. She brought her to me dirty, hungry, and very cold. After a bath, some food, and a nap, she has been on the run since. Yes, I'm a stay-at-home doggy mom. Bella is named for my Italian husband and my sister Ann. Bella fit right into to our family as I have two other grown Dalmatians, Rosie, 13, and seven-year-old Michelle, who was also adopted three years ago. Bella has been found eating my sandals, sewing pins, a light bulb, a belt, socks, cell phones, pens, pencils, napkins, plastic bowls, and so many other items which have been devoured. She is the light of our life, full of love and kisses. She loves to sleep with us and loves to go to the doggy park. Playing ball is her favorite game. Michelle is her favorite ragdoll chew. When she was a baby and she fell alsleep on my chest, I'd sing softly to her. This has paid off. She's my girl. She behaves, listens better most of the time, and won't leave without me. Truly we are blessed with three beautiful girls.