Biggie the Chihuahua

Dog Breed: Chihuahua

I decided it was time to get a dog, and after a long day of hunting the last stop on the list was the Pixie Project. They brought Biggie out and he crawled right in my lap. It was love at first sight. Poor little guy had been used as a baby making machine and hadn't been out much. He was so scared of everything. Four months later, he is doing worlds better and impressing us all each day with his capacity to learn. His favorite tricks are shake and roll over. With some love in his life he is slowly learning the joys of bones, toys and digging. He's also got chasing stray cats down pretty well and would love to get his paws on a chicken. He's got a bit of little man syndrome, but he's super big on love so who really cares? That face is eternal puppy with the wisdom of an old man in one.