Bán and Ludo the Samoyeds

Dog Breed: Unknown

Bán and Ludo's dad says: The dynamic duo's favourite pastime is to hang their heads out car windows, Ludo just taking it all in, Bán barking at everything he sees. When they aren't in the car, they love running up and down the beach in Wexford (Southeast Ireland). Bán roams around, always keeping a few hundred yards ahead, coming back occasionally to remind us to keep up. Ludo hangs around sticking pretty close, making sure we don't get lost. Shedding, while it only happens twice a year, is an experience. Bags and bags of hair come out. Bán has gone through it a few times now, Ludo still has his puppy coat and runs at the sight of a brush. Not much bothers them except for "Want a bath?" They run a mile! Woe betide anyone who says the words "want" and "out" in the same breath. They practically open the door for you!