Bocephus the Miniature Dachshund

Dog Breed: Dachshund

My name is Bocephus Chevrolet. I am named after my dad's favorite classic country music star and his truck. I came to live with them when I was 12 weeks old. They picked me because my mom loved my spots and I was born just before their wedding. I love to play fetch with my plastic squeaky fish. I could play all night long if my mom or dad let me. I also think I'm an outside dog and love to just sit outside with my ears in the wind. I go almost everywhere with my mom (except to work). She recently got me a bike trailer so I can go on bike rides with her. I also like to go on long power walks with my mom, jump, run, go for car rides, and sniff. My best friend is also a dachshund. His name is Xander and he lives at my grandma's house. We really like to wrestle with my dad and grandpa. My Auntie Ray also taught me a fun game called hide-and-seek. I wait on her bed until she says "ready" then I run and sniff her out of her hiding spot.