Booker the Maltese

Dog Breed: Maltese

I've had Booker since he was 8 weeks old and I never knew I could love a dog so much. Booker makes me laugh, he keeps my secrets, and wipes away tears! He also loves to cuddle with anyone. We just celebrated his fifth birthday and he had his friends come over for peanut butter cake. Dogs do not get enough time on the earth so they deserve to be celebrated the years they are here with us!

Comments (13)
sammienmona May 29, 2014
A truly beautiful dog. I love what you wrote also. You're great,...

happypup May 29, 2014
Yes I agree totally! Hope you have many many more years together!

Abiglen May 29, 2014
You look like a GQ puppy dog, Booker. You are a very handsome young...

Mmmousemaid May 29, 2014
Booker is so sweet. He must be a warm companion to you. I'm...

daphne's mom May 29, 2014
What a cutie! I hope you have many more happy and healthy years...

bluegigi May 29, 2014
What a handsome boy you are Booker! Love your bow tie, it's a...

lucybee May 29, 2014
What a happy smile you're wearing.I believe you know how well...

schotime May 29, 2014
"Peanut butter cake, pleeze." Booker is just too precious....

biff May 29, 2014
Happy Fifth Birthday, Booker.

goldenlover May 29, 2014
Booker Rules !! Terrific dog, great stoty, wonderful sentiment. Thank...

amyliz May 29, 2014
Booker, you simply couldn't be more adorable and it's...

drakes' granny May 29, 2014
Booker is so cute. I'm sure very lovable and ready for...

Cindylu001 Jun 2, 2014
Booker, I like your mom's philosophy that dogs aren't on this...