Brock the Australian Shepherd

Dog Breed: Australian Shepherd

Brock's mom says: Brock is positively the love of my life. He was my first dog and the most amazing dog I've ever known. He is truly my heart and soul. I had wanted a dog my entire life, and finally when I was 19 I was able to get one. I was searching rescue groups and Petfinder when I finally found him. I knew the moment I saw him online that he was the one. I honestly cannot imagine my life without him and can't remember what life was like before he came into it. When I am not with him I think about him and wish he could be by my side doing what he loves -- living life. He brightens my day with his passion, enthusiasm, and zest for life. Brock absolutely adores everyone he meets and I like to think he brightens their days too. He is very much a dog -- he loves to run, jump, dig, bark, roll around in smelly things, eat grass, swim, fetch, rip up toys, stick his head out the car window, play with his siblings Alki and Royal, go for walks, eat, eat, eat, and just be with you. He has so much personality and constantly makes me laugh. Brock's Dogster Page