Bubba the Beagle

Dog Breed: Beagle

Bubba's parents say: Bubba is three years old. Like most beagles, he likes to follow his nose, which can sometimes lead him into trouble. He is used to getting his way and mostly enjoys relaxing at home with his owners.

Comments (28)
madziajk Aug 20, 2007
Bubba is sweet! He is an adorable little boy. I love his eyes!!!

ckporter73 Aug 20, 2007
Oh Bubba! I love your ears! You can relax with me anytime :) You are...

ckporter73 Aug 20, 2007
Forgot to click on my fav!!

ckporter73 Aug 20, 2007
Another try

seeress83 Aug 20, 2007
Oh! He looks a lot like my Hemi! That is to say, he's absolutely...

gordygus Aug 20, 2007
In this photo it looks like he's thinking "Don't kick me off the...

llt214 Aug 20, 2007
Bubba is such a sweet boy! Following his nose may get him in a bit...

DogMom Aug 20, 2007
Bubba is such a handsome beagle boy!!! His eyes are such classic...

yujismom Aug 20, 2007
when i show "THOSE EYES" to my parents i can get away with...

maddie's mom Aug 20, 2007
How can he ever get into trouble if he looks at you like that???

zoozieQ Aug 20, 2007
love those big ol eyes! irresistable

BeckersUNC Aug 20, 2007
Too cute! Love the crazy flipped-ear look. ;)

bopeep Aug 20, 2007
Adorable. With a face like that who could get upset at this...

faintsfromcutedogs Aug 20, 2007
Bubba, you're too sweet for words. Is that one ear always flipping...

Yankee-7 Aug 20, 2007
What a sweet beast! Does he bark, or is that just an unfair...

gryt Aug 20, 2007
The eyes! What a sweet boy. Bubba is adorable!

puppypac Aug 20, 2007
Yes, well, who wouldn't get their way with eyes like that? :-)

saahikat Aug 20, 2007
bubba's eyes are so charming! i luv beagles eapecially thier ears!

dlwing Aug 20, 2007
I teach with your mom and I know how spoiled you are....

pauleenm Aug 20, 2007
Bubba's adorable!

sylvanbliss Aug 21, 2007
Bubba in a paisley pillow pile! That's the way to relax.

shellyrini Aug 21, 2007
Bubba- keep looking as cute as you are and trouble will divert you...

iamme Aug 21, 2007
Sweet face!! Love the name!! lol :)

vllybllstar Aug 24, 2007
"Go away im trying to sleep." funni
our nickname for...

lig921 Aug 24, 2007
Gotta love the ears! What a cute baby!

Abesmom Oct 13, 2007
"Honest-I didn't do it!!!"
What an adorable little...

gromitwensleydale Dec 10, 2007
Bubba, I want a beagle boy just like you. You have the cutest face...

aden1994 Feb 15, 2008
he is very cute! i love his coloring. i have an australian...