Buster the Collie/ Dalmation Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Buster's mom says: Buster just recently turned 13, but doesn't look it, and is still a puppy at heart, he loves going for walks on railway line and loves go to the beach every Sunday. He loves to bark at the postie and anyone else who dares to enter the garden, although he never hurt them, he likes feel he protecting us, hes just such a big softie. He loves to follow his mum everyway, upstairs n downstairs, into kitchen, bathroom, round back, just anywhere, and hates to be parted from her long, but loves to barge in my room for company if his mum ever away, he just like little brother, and i don't regret a single moment in whole 12 and half years we have had him. I'm just thankful we have been able to let him get this far in life, as if we didn't choose him, he was soon going to be put to sleep at just 7 months old, so joy to see him living great life many years on and hopefully, he live another year or so to come, as he big part family and cant ever imagine live without him now.