Caboo the Akita

Dog Breed: Akita

Caboo's mom says: Caboo was born into a life of neglect. I met him after he and eight other dogs were rescued and brought to an Idaho guest ranch to await forever homes. Every day I visited Caboo's kennel and took him hiking or running. For the first few weeks he seemed not to care who was holding the other end of the leash -- he'd had his heart broken once and was not going to trust again lightly. Soon, however, he warmed up to me and it became obvious that he had chosen me to be his one person. I was still in college and afraid I didn't have the resources or the stability to take a dog into my life, but once he made himself mine, I knew we had to make it work. We relied a lot on help from friends and family that first year! It's been three years now since Caboo came to live with me. We finally have a permanent home and a fenced yard he can run and play in. His favorite things are food, water, running, carrying his backpack, going on car trips, wading in the Huron River and chasing his Jolly Ball. He loves having possessions and shows them off by carrying them around in his mouth. He is my ever-vigilant guardian and the untiring companion of more miles run, hiked, and skied than I can count. Owning an Akita who bears the scars of abuse and neglect is not a challenge to be taken on lightly, but Caboo makes it worth it every day.