Charlie the Dachshund

Dog Breed: Dachshund

Charlie says: "I live with my mommy and four feline brothers in Florida. Mommy told me she was waiting to pick the right puppy for a long time, but I think I picked Mommy. She couldn't resist me. I love to run and frolic and usually find myself getting into trouble. I can't help it that the cats look like big furry toys. I love to dig and I one day hope to find a big badger under the sheets. I know they are in there. Mommy says I am spoiled rotten because I get all of the attention. I love to get snuggles and kisses. I also have a cool sack I sleep in with lots of toys. It is my secret hiding place. Mommy sometimes goes crazy looking for things around the house, but I'm so sneaky that she doesn't even know that I've hidden them."