Chayo the Shepherd/Rottweiler

Dog Breed: Unknown

Chayo says: "Hey, everybody! My name is Chayo. When I was a baby I was brought to live with my family who absolutely adore me. I am now eight years old and I am the only doggie in my house. I had a brother who, sadly, passed away last year. I miss him. I get very excited whenever I see a ball and I love to play fetch with whoever wants to play with me. But nothing excites me more than to go for my daily walk around my block every night. I love to bark at the neighborhood dogs who are kept inside their homes, but whenever I see another dog roaming free... yikes! Not as much fun as I thought! They scare me! My favorite place is my mom's bed and I love to sleep under the covers with her. My dad taught me how to roll over, shake hands, and sit. It doesn't get much better than this. Life's fun!"