Chloe the Labrador Retriever

Dog Breed: Labrador Retriever

Chloe's mom says: Chloe just moved to Paris, France, after living in New York City for six years. She was very good on the plane, even though I was very scared for her. She loves living in Paris and exploring all of the new sights and smells. Chloe is particularly fond of her toys, which she likes to carry in her mouth even when she goes on walks. People always notice her because she has a very funny disposition and does a little dance when she says hello, which basically means turning around and around and around. She also likes to walk herself home by holding her leash in her mouth. When Chloe sleeps, she makes herself very small and always has a toy or a pair of socks to snuggle with. She can smell a tennis ball anywhere and will often sit in front of closets or couches waiting for a long lost ball. Like all Labradors, Chloe is a natural swimmer and loves getting wet and playing in the snow. She also loves to eat and misses all the stores in New York City that used to give her treats. But it's well known that Paris is very dog friendly, and I think Chloe agrees!