Coach the English Springer Spaniel

Dog Breed: English Springer Spaniel

Coach's mom says: Coach is the best old man in the world! I adopted him when he was five years old. He was living in a kennel, being used for breeding. When I got him, I gave him a haircut and a nice warm bed to sleep in. Coach loves sitting on the couch with me to watch television, eating Frosty Paws, sleeping in bed (under the covers), and hanging out with his sister, Alley. Coach has brought so much happiness to my life, I couldn't imagine being without him. He loves everybody he meets and makes them feel welcome by wiping his drippy lips on their pants! He used to live in Ohio, but has moved to California with the family. I think he likes the warmer winters and the long walks by the river. Coach is truly a kind soul who has given lots of love and happiness to those he meets. He has recently developed vestibular disease, but is doing fine. He has a new head tilt, which only adds to his charm.