Daisy the American Bulldog

Dog Breed: American Bulldog

Hi, I'm Daisy. I'm a rough and tumbly American Bulldog and I love my big brother Hercules. I like to bite and chew just like a puppy, but I've become very good about sticking to my toys only. Mom and Dad took me to puppy class and I'm a super smart girl! I know how to sit, stay, walk on my leash, touch Mom or Dad's hand, be patient for my food or for Mom or Dad to open the door to take me out. I make eye contact and waiting for cues and I can spin in a circle! I passed my class with flying colors and Mom's working on teaching me some new things like shake, come, and stay. I like to take naps on the couch or snuggled with Mom or my big brother. I sleep upside down most of the time. Did I mention I have a human brother? When I see him, my whole body wiggles and I love giving him kisses. I love kids! I discovered snow for the first time and man that was fun. I don't bark ever and I'm a really good girl. Mom and Dad love my spots, and my big floppy ears. I'm kind of silly and goofy and I'm a perfect fit with my family.