Dakota the Husky / Shepherd Mix

Dog Breed: Unknown

Dakota's mom says: We met Dakota at the Philadelphia SPCA. We were thinking of adopting through a rescue but decided to go to the shelter "just to look." The moment we saw Dakota, our hearts melted. He was so calm and quiet among hundreds of tense, barking dogs. He leaned quietly against the chain-link fence waiting for someone to come by and pet him. We immediately hung our "adoption in process" card on his gate, and took him home a few days later. We have no clues to his past, but whether he was given up or lost, we have gained a truly precious dog. Dakota loves to do tricks including sit, down, stay, paw, and even speak. The speak trick took a while; he has always been a quiet one! He also loves belly rubs from anyone, anywhere, including right in the middle of a walk.