Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Jul 19, 2007 sylvanbliss
He politely asked, "take me home?" and you said, "Yes!"
Dakota is lovely!
Jul 19, 2007 llt214
Dakota, you are a very handsome boy! I'm happy you and your owners found each other, and they are giving you the good life you deserve. I hope you have many, many happy years together. Hugs, Kisses & Bellyrubs to you Dakota!!
Jul 19, 2007 gordygus
Well who could say no to those beautiful blue eyes?
Jul 19, 2007 VikkiFox
he's so lovely! he looks as though he might have a bit of german shepherd in there somewhere... glad he's got a great new home!
Jul 19, 2007 sandi
Very handsome- I love his long neck. He sounds like a perfect dog- glad you found him and gave him a nice, loving home.
Jul 19, 2007 hotcoco914
he's super cute. but i hate to break it to you.. he looks more like my white german shepard than a husky. still a lucky dog none-the-less
Jul 19, 2007 Sashasmommy
What a handsome boy!I love the picture of him sleeping next to the hard wood floor, with the little white hairs scattered on the floor... I see that he leaves you a little bit to remember him by every day :-) My house and car are constantly covered with dog hair, and I wouldn't have it any other way...
Jul 19, 2007 OleBrumm
[color=teal]Dakota is handsome and he has a perfect name. I'd be willing to bet that he's got [i][url=http://www.berger-bl anc-sui...] Berger Blanc Suisse[/url][/i] (White German Shepherd) in him. I "met" one in Z├╝rich recently and except for the eyes, he really looks the type. I am sure he is a joyful addition to your home.[/color]
Jul 19, 2007 mperlet
What a beautiful dog. I have a grey & white Siberian Husky. They truly are the best breed of dog!
Have fun with Dakota!
Jul 19, 2007 pauleenm
What a beautiful dog. Thanks so much for adopting a shelter dog.
Jul 19, 2007 Lizsterr
<large>This is Dakota's Mom. We actually submitted Dakota as a Sibe Husky/ German Shepherd Mix, but I guess they didn't include that? I sent an email to Michael asking him to change it back, so hopefully he will. He truly is a Husky/Shepherd mix!</large>
Jul 19, 2007 DogMom
what a beautiful boy he is. I love the picture where he is squinting into the sun. His story is wonderful (in that it had such a lovely ending!). It looks like Dakota has definitely landed gently! Snuggles and a xtra long belly rub from a fan in Houston!!!!
Jul 19, 2007 puppypac
I love siberians! Handsome boy!
Jul 19, 2007 JaxMom
Oh he is so beautiful...I'll be he loves the snow too and blends right in. He's so lucky to have a family like yours. What a stunning animal.
xxoo to Dakota
Jul 19, 2007 fourbaddogs
What a lucky family to have gotten such a handsome fellow and what a lucky fellow to have landed a lovely family! Many years, belly rubs and dog kisses!
Jul 19, 2007 scobig
Bless you for choosing to save an animals life instead of contributing towards those who create more in a world with too many. There are many, many wonderful dogs in shelters just like Dakota, and all it takes to find them is to go look. Your story is valuable, thanks for sharing it and your precious boy with us today! Kisses to you Dakota!!
Jul 19, 2007 dogsrule
Now that's a DOG!


You are equally all those things for adopting him.
Jul 19, 2007 sjh
I just have one thing to say...BEAUTIFUL
Jul 19, 2007 bopeep
What a stunner you are Dakota. Sounds like you have one fantastic personality. I hope you get all the belly rubs you could ever want for a very, very long time. Hugs and kisses.
Jul 19, 2007 phasma_lupus
Wow.... :)
Jul 19, 2007 TheWrightPups
Dakota, you are beautiful (er, handsome!) and such a gentleman! You remind me of our 2 white German Shepherd and Husky mixes. You could be their brother!
Jul 19, 2007 shellyrini
what a handsome boy!! So glad you found him and took him and made a great home, full of love for him

Best of luck
Jul 19, 2007 allimarie
Oh wow, what a beautiful boy! He seems amazing; thanks for rescuing! Love his Shepherd-like body combined with beautiful Husky coloring!
Jul 19, 2007 mling
Wow! Dakota looks like such a fantastic dog! She is quite the beauty! You are very fortutnate to have found her!
Jul 19, 2007 Yankee-7
Really cool dog!
You and Dakota are both extremely blessed to have each other...
Enjoy your unique, beautiful boy!
Jul 19, 2007 Yankee-7
Mling, the dog's a boy, not a girl...
Jul 19, 2007 PaulIsDakotasDad
It's too hard to resist gushing about our pup. Unfortunately, the pictures really can't fully express his cuteness. One of my favorite of his physical features is his left eye, which has just a bit of brown pigment at toward the top. It's only visible when he looks in certain directions. You can see it in the picture with him lying on his side just before he's about to do his trademark "scratch my belly" motion.
Jul 19, 2007 BTLabs
Dakota looks like such a sweet boy. I can see it in those beautiful blue eyes! He looks so regal in this picture. I am glad that you found each other!
Jul 19, 2007 Wolfenstein
"he's super cute. but i hate to break it to you.. he looks more like my white german shepard than a husky."

I saw this, and I saw your (Dakota's mom's) post. I just wanted to comment that there's no doubt in my mind he's a white shepherd husky mix! I know he looks a lot like just a shepherd with the shorter coat and big ears, but conformationally speaking, he truely looks like a perfect blend of the two breeds. Once you throw in the fact that shepherds only have brown eyes, there you have it! :)

He is a beautiful pup, by the way! You couldn't ask for a better combination of breeds (if you're willing to work on training, that is!) I have a husky myself, and really want a shepherd down the line. It seems you have the best of both worlds!

Give Dakota a big hug for me! :D
Jul 19, 2007 eslapin
YAY for shelter dogs! He is a handsome one, it looks like both of you lucked out when you found each other.
Jul 19, 2007 goldenrod1967
Wonderful- shelter dogs are the best!! Dakota is stunning...
Aug 7, 2007 gend0012
Such an adorable creature!
Aug 16, 2007 NemoStein
I can't vote, but if I could I would vote 11 biscuits...
Nov 21, 2007 bobg
Dakota is a beautiful animal. My dog, Harry looked exactly like Dakota, but had dark brown eyes, instead of blue. Harry passed away this past Monday , 11/19. I miss him with all my heart. Give Dakota all the love you can muster, then give Dakota a hug from me and Harry.

Dec 31, 2009 mgonza8799
he looks just like my Tyler!
Sep 22, 2010 imanafman
OMG, I was trying to find a pic of my dog (Dakota White Moon III) that I know I had found on the internet before. Your dog came up and I almost flipped. We had to put my dog down in March of 2007 (He was 11 yrs and 3 mos old) because he had Liver Disease. I cannot believe the spitting image your dog is of mine, down to the pinkish nose. It is so cool that yours is named Dakota as well. My Dakota had a tad bit of green on very noticeable on his right eye. I loved it, because it made him stand out. My dog was as well-tempered as yours and loved my little boy from the day my son was born until he was 7 when Dakota's time to go over "The Rainbow Bridge" had come. No matter how bad the little bully boy of mine in his terrible 2's thru terrible 5's tortured the dog, Dakota took it with a grain of salt. I am glad I came across your photos and let me think back to my great member of the family. Cherish your dog, he will always be part of your family!!! Ron Blackburn (imanafman@aol.c om)
Feb 21, 2011 WilsonFace
We might have dogs from the same litter! My girl Chakra looks just like Dakota. Shes Siberian Husky/ White Shepherd mix from the shelter. She has one blue and one brown eye, and they have the exact same nose and coat and body shape
Mar 15, 2011 mollybelle
Dakota is beautiful I had one myself for 14 years his name was Gus.He is missed everyday.I wish he was still with us .He was an abandoned puppy in 1994 when he came to live with us until april your boy everyday he reminds me of Gus. Gus has brown eyes though .
May 17, 2012 boochlover
She looks exactly like my husky shepherd dog except mine has brown eyes. She is beautiful just like my dog!
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