Danny the Adoptable Beagle Mix

Dog Breed: Beagle

Danny needs a second chance at a family and a home. He was found abandoned. This sweet boy may be a beagle mix. He gets along with everyone here at Shady Creek Rescue. He has such a smiley expression and happy disposition. He will surely make someone a great pet. He is waiting here for a new home. For more info, please visit

Comments (51)
ca Aug 26, 2010
Sweet Danny, how could ANYONE abandon you...guess somethings i'll...

doglover543 Aug 26, 2010
What a cutie! You will find your home soon!

daphne's mom Aug 26, 2010
What a sweet boy! How could anyone abandon you? I hope you find a...

bkregh Aug 26, 2010
Hello sweet Danny. I hope you find a wonderful and loving forever...

cluvsdogs Aug 26, 2010
so cute! just love beagles and beagle-mixes

shortysax Aug 26, 2010
What a cutie pie! Someone will surely snatch him up and give him a...

guerrero's grandma Aug 26, 2010
Oh Danny Boy... I'm at a loss to understand why anyone could...

pfordeb Aug 26, 2010
Danny -- one of my favorite names and such a cute dog -- you'll...

goldenlover Aug 26, 2010
Very nice pup. Seems like legs of a Beagle, head of Lab.

ronflank Aug 26, 2010
hi you adorable!

clemency Aug 26, 2010
Oh my goodness, he is just the cutest dog ever! And such a sweet...

BeautyLover Aug 26, 2010
Danny you are such a beautiful boy. I just know you will find your...

w102663 Aug 26, 2010
Danny you are cute and as sweet as can be.:-) I feel you will find...

duettists Aug 26, 2010
What a lovely dog. I hope Danny finds a loving home very soon. He...

wheatie mom Aug 26, 2010
Hey Danny boy, maybe you have a little dachsie in you too. You are a...

furriesrfantastic Aug 26, 2010
Who who who could abandon this beautiful boy?? I will never be able...

pupfanatic Aug 26, 2010
Oh God. Danny, I seriously am getting teary looking at you. You are...

The Raven Aug 26, 2010
Danny, is a handsome lad. How could anyone just desert this fine...

Zabilka Aug 26, 2010
Awwww, what a happy boy !! I hope he finds the perfect home :)

Malimom Aug 26, 2010
I agree with Wheatiemom..i think you are a beagle/dachshund.(the way...

bestfriends Aug 26, 2010
I don't understand people who could abandon a dog. Danny is a...

BlackDogMom Aug 26, 2010
What a cutie! You'll be with your forever family soon! Lots of...

DLGray Aug 26, 2010
So sweet... hope he is placed very soon!

janaS Aug 26, 2010
what a sweetheart, we wish for you a great family soon!

gryt Aug 26, 2010
What a cutie pie. Good luck sweetheart!

Candy&Chloe's mom Aug 26, 2010
I'm sorry that Danny was abandoned and left to fend for himself...

DailyPuppy Admin Aug 26, 2010
Danny is very handsome! I know someone will take him home very soon....

lalamcgoo Aug 26, 2010
awww hello little sweet faced boy, someone will make your world...

Noodles'Mom Aug 26, 2010
This precious, stunningly adorable boy should certainly be adopted by...

Noodles'Mom Aug 26, 2010
I meant HIM.

DogLover in Canada Aug 26, 2010
Soo cute and such a beautiful mix! Hope you find a wonderful home...

casi_festus Aug 26, 2010
Such a cute boy! I wished we lived closer to meet him! He looks...

Puppygirl93 Aug 26, 2010
Adorable! I think he might be part black lab as well! he looks like a...

ShadyCreekRescue Aug 26, 2010
Yes he does certainly look adorable here! Here is wishing for you a...

ShadyCreekRescue Aug 26, 2010
I think it would be so hugely funny if the person who abandoned him...

Herefred Aug 26, 2010
Danny, you remind me of the pup I had when I was growing up. Her name...

lizanne Aug 26, 2010
Danny, You are a very precious puppy. I love this picture...

doggiedays Aug 26, 2010
He is such a cutie pie!!!!!! :):)

drakes' granny Aug 26, 2010
Danny looks like a sweet little fella. I'm sure someone will be...

paco21332 Aug 26, 2010
so cute

pirosred Aug 26, 2010
If only I could adopt him

Oliver & Henry's Mum Aug 26, 2010
Danny has the sweetest face! I think he is definitely a Beagle Mix,...

iluvk9s Aug 26, 2010
Danny you are such a sweet baby! I hope you go to your forever home...

coriebe Aug 26, 2010
What a sweetie! :)

allmyshelties Aug 26, 2010
"I'm waiting right here for my new family" Look how...

bluegigi Aug 27, 2010
Danny, you'll find your forever home and soon - just look at that...

LinJ Aug 27, 2010
I sure wish he was closer to me, I'd for adopt him!

LinJ Aug 27, 2010
I sure wish he was closer to me, I'd for sure adopt him!

puppy world#1 Aug 27, 2010
Awwww thats a very interesting beagle its all black nd white! i wish...

gypsyrobin Sep 3, 2010
What a great beauty!! I think DP should report follow-ups on...

Babybeagle Sep 14, 2010
If i could i would definately take her! Big love from ireland! x.