Daphne the Orange Sable Pomeranian

Dog Breed: Unknown

Daphne's mom says: Daphne is our loving and beautiful two-year-old orange sable Pomeranian. She is very loving and loyal IF she knows you. She has the face of an angel, but don't be fooled. But still, once you get to know her, she'll want to be your best friend. Daphne loves other dogs and enjoys going to dog parks. Daphne also has a sad story behind her. She is the remaining from her family. Her parents, sister, and brother passed away by tragic accidents. It's sad to see her look around and search for them. Our relatives live in the backhouse and that's where her mother and sister lived. Whenever she runs out, that's the first place she runs to hoping to see if they're there. But we know that Daphne is strong and hopefully knows that her family is in a better place. Daphne is considered the baby of our family. It's funny to see her go crazy and filled with joy whenever she sees my brother, myself, and especially my parents. I think we spoil her too much, but she deserves it. Daphne is a dog of great happiness, love, and energy. Our pride and joy. =]