Friday, July 25, 2014
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Aug 30, 2008 dogzroc19
sooo very cute, looks like u have a nice place 2 rest!
Aug 30, 2008 mummm
What a BEAUTIFUL pup! Dazy looks like a joy to have around. I love her wonderful coat and patient look.
Aug 30, 2008 doggies4ever
Dazy is a very pretty girl and looks quite contented with her life.
Aug 30, 2008 silly-leo232
so fluffy!!
Aug 30, 2008 fritzy
Dazy....are you posing for this picture??? You are beautiful here!!! I love your coloring! :)
Aug 30, 2008 ECHOBLIZZ
Pals....I LOVE this photo! And...does Dazy have her tail? It looks like it, and for THAT I'm so happy! And so is she....look at that Aussie Smile! Smooches & hugs pleeze!
Aug 30, 2008 pawprint1513
This dog is like the most perfect Aussie ever!!! I love Aussies and I have to say this is the cutest one I have EVR seen! She looks so mellow and her face looks like she is lovin her life! Thank you for giving this sweet girl a home and making her feel so loved because wether she knows it or not she is one very lucky dog to have you as an owner! -kasey, coco, and chase
Aug 30, 2008 HillCountryGal
This dog looks loved, healthy and content. Thank you for having such a good place for this beautiful Aussie.
Aug 30, 2008 pamfontainepeters
Dazy is beautiful! Such a wonderful face and fluffy body! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Aug 30, 2008 brainyac
I have a Red ausie, who is not camera shy either. Your dog is beautiful
Aug 30, 2008 ckendall
Dazy what a beautiful girl you are!! Aussies are so gorgeous and smart. Lots of belly rubs and kisses.
Aug 30, 2008 djmc
Dazy you are a beauty, Love the pictures it was hard to just pick one. Many biscuits and belly rubs . And many happy years together. ENJOY ENJOY
Aug 30, 2008 pomtzu
Pretty, pretty girl. Such a beautiful coat.
Aug 30, 2008 whippoorwill
Dazy is beautiful, and I see nothing but gentleness in her eyes! May you have many happy years to love each other.
Aug 30, 2008 ursa'smomma
WOW! I didn't even make it all the way through the pics before I got hit like a MACK truck by this face! WHAT AN ANGEL PIE!!! (sorry for all the caps....)
Aug 30, 2008 drakes' granny
Dazy is beautiful. Glad she has a friend to play with. They make a nice pair. I too am happy to see the tail. I don't like to see any animal go through surgery that is not necessary. Good girl Dazy and happy to hear you have a wonderful forever home.
Aug 30, 2008 terry c
Of course she's spoiled. What else are they for?
Aug 30, 2008 terry c
She is a pretty girl. Many more years of love and happiness with her.
Aug 30, 2008 buttersmom
HAHAHA You bet I love Kids Mom! She looks like she is laughing in this picture, what a wonderful expression, I love her coloring very stunning!
Aug 30, 2008 wheatie mom
You have a blue merle with brown eyes! Way to go! I love Dazy and her tail.
Aug 30, 2008 catlover
I just love Auzzies!!
Aug 30, 2008 wolfensteinsmom
She looks like an absolute angel! Give her lots of belly rubs and nose kisses from me and Wolf, and a billion biscuits!!
Aug 30, 2008 Garice.Beagle
Awwwwww such a cutie
Aug 30, 2008 bichonlover
What a gorgeous dog!!
Aug 30, 2008 spaniel
What a beauty! I wish you a wonderful life full of love, pats and tons of treats and belly rubs!
Aug 30, 2008 amyliz
Love the "smile" in this picture! Dazy is a beauty and I would spoil her, too!
Aug 30, 2008 In Memory of Annie
What gorgeous kids. Give hugs and kisses for me please.
Aug 30, 2008 Chance551238
buddys love her so cute
Aug 30, 2008 maddiesmom
hard to cose a picture of such a beauty she is so smart too i can tell by her eyes
Aug 30, 2008 lucybee
She looks like some dignified member of royalty posing for this picture.She is a beauty!
Aug 30, 2008 Kiki_luv
Austrailian shepards r my fav dog eva
Aug 30, 2008 doggymommy
This is a great shot! Aussies love to "goof". She is beautiful and don't worry, there is no such thing as spoiling a dog too much with love!
Aug 30, 2008 Tuna's_Mom
Aug 30, 2008 Doggylover410
Aug 30, 2008 malawi
Well she is just lovely! A lovely lady indeed!
Aug 30, 2008 wolfgirl66
She is very lovely and sounds like a very sweet dog!!! Please give Dazy lot of pets for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 30, 2008 bubbie
Dazy is a beautiful dog!! She has a lovely face and great looking coat. Her friend's eyes are gorgeous!! Quite a 2-some....
Aug 30, 2008 daveydog
There is no question your Dazy is one beautiful girl; as are every other of the dozens of Australian Shepherds on this site. This little post isn't so much about beautiful girl as it is about Daily Puppy. When was the last time they checked the Encyclopedia of breeds, I wonder?? Somebody's not doing somebody's homework, methinks. Should Daily Puppy need some expansion, they can email me. I'd be happy to walk them through the doggie alphabet. It does go past "A". Most sincere wishes for your beautiful girl ... and I do love 'em all. My "bitchy" comments are for DP, not at all for Dazy.... she just happened to be my "straw". Cuddles, Darling. Bless 'em all. Ontario, Canada
Aug 30, 2008 dazydo
Thank you so much for all of the wounderfull comments everyone!
Aug 30, 2008 Dazyfan13
OMG i love you! Cutest dog in the world by far! (Well except for mac of cource!) I cant wait to see you again! And play with you! Stay adorable! P.S take care of your owner for me! ; ) haha
Aug 30, 2008 puppy world
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww thats her little couple or friends i bet they just got puppy they look sooooooooooooooooooo cute together she is smart kind and is friendly i loves that fur coat and like putting her head out the window and out of other things and dosent always play that a heavy fur coat by the way and she looks sooooooooooooooooo beutiful and i loves her eyes i adore them she looks soooo happy
Aug 30, 2008 Dazyfan13
Have i told you how much i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE you?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?! And i LOVE LOVE LOVE mac!?!?!?!?!?!?!
Aug 31, 2008 sherry_morris
what a cute pair :)
Aug 31, 2008 under-dog
he almost looks like he has part collie due 2 the fur on his nek
Aug 31, 2008 kyladee
Dazy has such a beautiful coat. She is so fluffy and I love her face and the way she tells us how happy she is with her big beautiful smile. What a sweetie pie.
Aug 31, 2008 xdogsandpuppiesx
Dazy is just gorgeous dog I love her coat (and her size, just right not to big not to small) Hope you and her have a lovely life together. (I wish you were my babysitter I love to see her only problem is I'm not a baby!!!)
Aug 31, 2008 quiltcat
Dazy is such a pretty girl! And she looks so happy and smart in all of her pictures...nice cheerful personality! The picture of her and her buddy Mac is adorable, too. Many happy years to you and all your pups!
Aug 31, 2008 dogs28
Your lovely Aussie has a beautiful face! But she also looks so beautiful and serious. Awww... those eyes. Hope you have many more happy years with Dazy and your other dog.
Aug 31, 2008 dogs28
Ok... I meant to say your aussie has a CUTE face and is also beautiful. Woops!
Aug 31, 2008 shyboykinz112
cutest aussie!! u must love her so much
Sep 2, 2008 Yeatts
Dazy is a very cute girl! I love this picture! Both my parents and my sister have Aussies! We love them in our family...I just don't have the energy to keep up with them like they do. We got a St. Bernard instead. He is very lazy. :) Thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!
Sep 2, 2008 Moosey
She looks beautiful and gentle--please give her a hug for me!
Sep 4, 2008 Georgie
Her colouring is soooo cool!! xxx
Sep 4, 2008 Aussie mom
Hey Dazy! I can't believe I missed your day! I'm sorry, but it doesn't change the fact I think you are gorgeous and just a perfect example of an Aussie. I love this pic of you and Mac and I love your Mom's avatar of the two of you! Aussies rule Dazy! Enjoy!
Sep 5, 2008 puppydog
Dazy is so peretty! She looks like shes just chillin with her friends in the nice weather!
Sep 17, 2008 animallover7112
what a beautiful patteren! Dazy is a truly beautiful dog! Enjoy your time together! hugs and kisses
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