Thursday, July 24, 2014
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Jan 13, 2009 saljen
What a beautiful little girl you have!!! And with such a lovely name. You can tell how sweet she is by that wonderful face. And so noble looking too! I hope you have the best life together. =)
Jan 13, 2009 wolfgirl66
Denali is a perfect name for this lovely girl! All of her pictures are wonderful and I can tell that she loves the snow!!!!!!!! Our dogs love the snow too... up here in Michigan winter wonderland. It is 9 degrees below 0 as I write this...Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I hope that sweet Denali has a very long and happy life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!
Jan 13, 2009 RobH
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!
Jan 13, 2009 sherry_morris
She is a great mix. Gorgeous doggie
Jan 13, 2009 mymarius
She's absolutely beautiful, I just love her! :-)
Jan 13, 2009 daphne's mom
What a sweetheart! I hope you have many happy and healthy years together! I'm glad she enjoys the snow! Much love and many biscuits for Denali!
Jan 13, 2009 cutiepants26
All I had to do was see 1 photo, and i know she's on my favorites! 100% ADORABLE! Sorry I couldn't choose a picture because I love them ALL! This is not right! The daily puppies get more attention than the Daily Dogs, when the Daily dogs Are the same amount of cuteness! And I love the pictures of Denali playing in the Snow! Shiba Inu are a GREAT BREED!
Jan 13, 2009 noye
Our Shiba Inu Koishii hates the snow! But then again, she's a Georgia-Shiba! And kind of prissy. Koishii sends her best to Denali, who looks very fun and mischievious - very typical of a shiba
Jan 13, 2009 terry c
Now there's a happy lady!
Jan 13, 2009 kerryllr
How cute she is! She would also like Canada since she loves the snow! I call this pose, 'butt parking'!
Jan 13, 2009 pixiegirrl
This is a wonderful picture of a great looking dog!
Jan 13, 2009 ckendall
Denali is beautiful!!!!!!!!!! She sure is a happy girl!!! Those beautiful eyes show what a sweet gentle loving girl she is!
Jan 13, 2009 oldsgrl99
Such a pretty dog! She reminds me of my neighbors dog- a husky/malamute mix. She too loves the snow-she will flat out RUN when she sees us come home! I am from ND also and with all the snow this is certainly the year for 'winter' dogs!
Jan 13, 2009 oldsgrl99
P.S. I couldn't pick a picture, they're all so beautiful!
Jan 13, 2009 fritzy
The beauty of a dog playing in the snow is something helps us as humans endure the season. I am so glad that she lives in N. Dakota. It is great that she is able to really get out and not be cold. I love all the pictures!!!!! :) From Toronto
Jan 13, 2009 loveheals
denali is a beautiful snow dog! She looks so smart,calm with a bit of mischief to brighten the day. May you enjoy each other's company for many years!
Jan 13, 2009 HillCountryGal
Looks like she's saying... "Oh, I looovvvve the snow!" :) Sure glad Denali is living where she can be comfortable temperature wise. Enjoy this precious gift of a dog.
Jan 13, 2009 rosy
I love this picture--what a beauty!!!!!
Jan 13, 2009 w102663
Very precious...loved the snow pictures.
Jan 13, 2009 Beagle109
She's a darling and so are her pics!
Jan 13, 2009 tobyslattery
Jan 13, 2009 lucybee
Love this picture! Looks like the snow brought out your inner wolf.Happy snow playing,pretty girl!
Jan 13, 2009 clemency
Oh, she's fabulous!!! I love her coloring, markings, and tail! Her tail is adorable--it almost looks like a deer's tail in some pictures. Denali is an absolutely gorgeous girl! I wish I could play in the snow with her!
Jan 13, 2009 tamwise21
I see how much she loves the snow
Jan 13, 2009 haleygirl
Great dog!
Jan 13, 2009 gryt
Is she a cross between shiba inu and angel? Such a precious, beautiful girl!
Jan 13, 2009 kimnjaeger
I love this action shot of your stunning little sweetie puppy.
Jan 13, 2009 DailyPuppy Admin
C'mon Denali, you can catch that snow!! Wow, she is gorgeous!!!
Jan 13, 2009 gary
What a Darling.
Jan 13, 2009 iluvk9s
What a gorgeous girl you are Denali!!! She is a beautiful fox, so soft and sweet. Tons of hugs and kisses from Rusty and Duckie in Madison, Alabama!!
Jan 13, 2009 pamfontainepeters
What a beautiful snow-doggy! Biscuits and bellyrubs from Pam in Toronto.
Jan 13, 2009 Rickysmom
I had such a difficult time choosing a photo. Denali, you look so beautiful in all of them. You're one gorgeous girl.
Jan 13, 2009 anitac
Wow, what a mix, I have a sheba their a great breed. Ours loves the snow and cold weather also. Shes great.
Jan 13, 2009 djmc
What a Great picture , Denali you are so beautiful,many hugs and kisses
Jan 13, 2009 LSM
She sure does love the snow, look she's smiling in this one!!! What a beautiful girl your Denali is. Give her a good tummy rub and lots of biscuits from Storme.
Jan 13, 2009 LSM
She sure does love the snow, look she's smiling in this one!!! What a beautiful girl your Denali is. Give her a good tummy rub and lots of biscuits from Storme.
Jan 13, 2009 kady
What a great photo.Denali looks as though she is in heaven.
Jan 13, 2009 pandrews-4
She is gorgeous! Every picture is great and it's fun to see how she enjoys the snow! Enjoy many years with your special girl!
Jan 13, 2009 deersville
Happy little girl! Denali is very beautiful. She looks like she's lots of fun. Biscuits and belly rubs for the sweet girl.
Jan 13, 2009 amyliz
Denali is beautiful! I love this shot--she looks like she is having a great time in the snow!
Jan 13, 2009 deersville
What a cutie girl Bonnie is! Lots of biscuits and belly rubs for this sweetie!
Jan 13, 2009 doggone1973
Denali is just downright gorgeous! Love the pics, but this one was unique she looks likes she is so excited its snowing.
Jan 13, 2009 malawi
I love her face in this photo...she looks like she is having sooo much fun! Many happy years together :-) !
Jan 13, 2009 cristina0722
SO SO CUTE!! Great shots!
Jan 13, 2009 Oliver's Mummy
Denali is just beautiful. Although I loved all the snow pictures, this one caught my eye because she looks like she is smiling and her eyes are so loving!!! What a lovely, lovely lady you have there. I'm glad she enjoys the snow because we're in for a lot of this year. Hugs from Oliver and his Mummy in London, Ontario
Jan 13, 2009 naomi_C
I love Denali!!! She has such a sweet face.
Jan 13, 2009 jsewell51
What a beautiful girl. She looks like she has a great life and is happy! Give her lots of hugs for me!
Jan 13, 2009 JADE565656
sooocccccccuuuuuuuuuutttttttteeeeee eeeee
Jan 13, 2009 lovebaron68
awwwwwwwww she is beautiful
Jan 13, 2009 Applelou
Just look at that smiling face!! If she isn't a happy pooch then I don't know what is. All the pictures are great.
Jan 13, 2009 kimnjaeger
Next to our beloved Jaeger, Denali might just be the most beautiful, expressive, intelligent grown-up puppy I've ever seen. Wonder what else is in there besides Shiba Inu? Give her a big hug and kiss for me.
Jan 13, 2009 lizanne
Wow, Denali, you are a very fine looking dog. All the best to you and your beautiful dog. Hugs from Elizabeth 7 Miss Katie =O) in NY~
Jan 13, 2009 drakes' granny
Denali ~ I selected this picture because it is the only one that you don't have snow on your pretty face. You do look very active and fun loving. Long life and lots of love and biscuits for you.
Jan 13, 2009 drakes' granny
Oooops in this one you don't have snow on your face either and it is a lovely picture of you too.
Jan 13, 2009 tazzysmom
I just want to kiss this cute face all covered in snow! All the pictures are great!
Jan 13, 2009 stillwater20
looks like pure joy!!!!!
Jan 13, 2009 my Izzy
She looks so sweet and looks like she loves you guys soo much too :-)
Jan 13, 2009 littleguysmom
Snow dancing!!! Beautiful girl she is.
Jan 13, 2009 Rider4ever
She has such a sweet face!
Jan 13, 2009 stacygtrrz7
BEAUTIFUL!!! She has a sweet name also!! GREAT DOG. COOKIES AND CUDDLES for Denali from Michigan!!
Jan 13, 2009 mydexy
Denali is so cute! I love Shiba Inus!
Jan 13, 2009 Celke20
Hey Denali Baby! It's your Godmother here. I'm SO EXCITED that you made the daily dog! Your new pictures are great and I can't wait to scrapbook them with your mom. I'm so proud of you! See you soon. P.S. I can't wait to check out your new trick! :) Love Auntie Carlee
Jan 13, 2009 lisalisa
What FABULOUS pictures. I enjoyed all of them - from her standing on 2 legs in the snow to the very last one of her smiling and looking so happy! Clearly, Denali is very loved and loves her family and her happy life. I wish her many, many years of good health!!!
Jan 14, 2009 muffin
She has such a high rating! my dog used to to sit like this, it always makes me laugh. i like her smile.
Jan 14, 2009 georgia04
Denali has such a sweet face. I love the picture of her frolicking in the snow. She's precious.
Jan 14, 2009 mummm
How fun!!! Denali is certainly in the perfect environment for her. She is BEAUTIFUL.
Jan 14, 2009 gary
Aw now that's a nice comfy seat that you have LOL.
Jan 14, 2009 puppydog
Denali is ao pretty! she is definatly part shiba inu but she kinda looks like a miniture husky too, lots of biscuits.
Jan 14, 2009 iwantanewfie
Denali is so beautiful and playful, you are lucky to have such a great mix!
Jan 14, 2009 smooches
Amazing Snow photos I can't imagine the cold,Denali must have a thick in Sydney Australia it is 40C.anyway she is a real cutie just love that face
Jan 14, 2009 puppy world
i really love those eyes staring at his owner saying '' hey buddy i love the snow and i love you''
Jan 14, 2009 catlover
She really looks like she is enjoying the snow!!
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